In this edition of Step-By-Step, we'll look at giving a classic anniversary band a unique twist to breathe new life into the piece.

Here are the tools you'll need:

Aluminum Oxide
Snap On Disc

Wolf™ Wicked Sticky
Positioning Wax

Large Ring Mandrel
without Groove

Mounted Mini
Geza Brush

Knife Edge Grey Silicone
Pre-polish wheels

And the components and stones:

Round Tapered
Bezel Setting
Plat, 3.4mm

Round 3.4mm

Round Tapered
Bezel Setting
Plat, 4.1mm

#3 Flat End Half
Round Shank, Plat

Round 4.1mm

Solder Sheet

Step by Step:

1. Approximately 3/4 up the heads, grind a slight angle

2. Next, you'll need a 6 3/4 size mandrel. Using sticky wax, place the heads on the mandrel to verify that the angles match.

3. Working with two heads at a time, use wire to bind the heads together and solder each of the two end sets together. Then, bind the middle head in place and solder.

4. Size the shank at the shoulders. Using the wire, bind the head section to shank. Solder it all together.

5. Prep and polish.

6. Set the stones.