Every workspace should be a safe workspace

Every workspace should be a safe workspace.

Discover the best assortment of tools from Stuller.

It’s Tools Month here at Stuller, and we are so excited to talk about one of the most important aspects of being a bench jeweler; providing yourself with a safe working environment. Along with the appropriate supplies that we have to offer our customers, we also have any safety equipment that every bench jeweler needs to keep themselves and their working space safe. Ensuring that you have the proper safety equipment is not only vital to us as your supplier is all things tools, but we also understand how crucial it is for your business and yourself.

When it comes to protecting yourself from the harsh chemicals and odors that come with the job, Stuller highly recommends that you invest in the best. Diminish these problems by using Fume Hoods, Dust Collectors, and Air Purifiers. Using these in your workspace allows you to capture any odors and recirculate them back into your work environment as fresh, clean air.

As well as air purification, protecting your body like your lungs and hands are just as necessary. Suit up with proper individual gear like Gloves and Respirators. Keeping your hands away from the heat that comes with soldering a piece is crucial, just as making sure you're not breathing in any toxic gasses or vapors that you may be working in when polishing your finished pieces.

These items can ensure your safety while creating, building, and designing your pieces for all of your customers. Make sure to check out even more preventative equipment and ensure you’re investing in your safety.