Got Ceramic? No Problem!

image Tools Required

The tools required to size a ceramic watch above:

59-0807-(multi-function watch tool)

59-0815-(.70MM pin)



Locate the side of the bracelet pin which has a hole. Place the bracelet in the tool with the hole facing the .70mm pin. Now twist the handle, ensuring that the pin goes into the hole.  This should push the male part of the pin out of the other side. Repeat for the desired amount of links to remove.


This picture shows the bracelet male and female parts removed.


Once the desired links are taken off the bracelet, hold the bracelet together and insert the male pin into the bracelet and then the female part on the opposite side of the bracelet.


Stand the bracelet on its side onto the watch tool. Gently tap the female part onto the male pin. The female part should snap onto the male pin.



[From the Bench Publication January 2011]