Ring Repair Essentials  

From advice on resizing rings to the ring repair tools necessary for the job, hear what a seasoned industry expert suggests jewelers keep in mind.

If you are not giving repair services the proper attention, you are missing out on a significant contributor to the growth of your business. According to an InStore Magazine survey, 42% of jewelers generate more than 50% of their profit from repairs — and 80% of jewelers report 25% or more of their profit comes from repairs. By these numbers alone, expanding your ring repair services is an investment worth making. 

John Vandergriff has worked at Stuller for 20 years. In his time here, he has gained experience in mountings assembly and has trained other jewelers how to operate innovative equipment, such as laser welders. With his years of knowledge, we asked him to share a few simple reminders and tips for jewelers regarding ring repair. 


Tip #1: Use a Laser Welder When Soldering Heads to Shanks

Don’t be afraid to use a laser welder in certain processes to save you time and improve the quality of your work. For example, when connecting heads and shanks, tack the head to the shank using a laser welder to make sure neither part moves in the soldering process. Then, use a torch to flow the solder through the open spaces to connect the head to shank. 

Stuller offers an assortment of laser welders, various qualities of solder, and a torch kit so you have all the tools you need. 

Orotig Laser Welder


Tip #2: Stock Up on Burs

While it’s tempting to only have the bur you use the most for ring repairs, that might set you up to be in a bind. Over time, the teeth on burs wear down and the tool needs to be replaced to ensure quality cuts in your work. Additionally, each type of setting requires using different shapes and sizes of burs. Whether you are restyling the ring or resetting any of the stones, have a variety of burs at your disposal and replacements easily accessible. 

Stuller offers a wide range of bur options that suit every need. Crafted with the stone setting process in mind, the Stuller Bur™ makes it easy to cut precise angles for a consistent, accurate cut — every time. We also offer Busch® burs, which come in options that are fit for every job. 

Shop Stuller’s bur options today. 

Stuller Burs


Tip #3: Finish With a Tumbler

We all know that the job isn’t done when you’ve completed the resizing or restyling of the piece. When you’re finished with your work but before you polish the piece, use a magnetic tumbler to provide a good, burnished surface to brighten the ring. This will help smooth and shine the small details and save you, the jeweler, some tedious, time-consuming work. 

Stuller offers an affordable and effective option with the Best Built Magnetic Tumbler

Ring Saw

The Right Tools for the Job 

Offering ring repair services provides an opportunity to do two things for your business. First, it brings foot traffic into the store. Customers will look around while they wait and make additional purchases. Secondly, it will foster a positive relationship between you and the customer. Remember, repair work is not a price-determined decision, but a trust-determined decision. Expanding your ring repair services with the right tools will only lead to increased sales and a loyal customer base. 

Whether you are resizing, restyling, resetting, or reshanking, you can easily have the necessities on hand. Shop our essentials for ring repair on Stuller.com today. 

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