You're busy. That's a fact. But while you don't have time to worry about everything, there are some things you just HAVE to pay attention too. How you present yourself and your brand will be noticed within the first few steps a customer takes into your store. Don't you want - no need - to put your best foot forward? Here are a few quick tips to help you do just that:

Pillows are the easiest way to add a “pop” of color to a showcase
These little babies come in a variety of colors and sizes. Use smaller pillows to display pendants or bracelets. And larger ones for the showstoppers. They great for highlighting specific pieces you want to draw attention too - like that fancy new custom design you just finished...

• Win the counter sale
We all know the majority of your inventory will live in your showcase. But there are some things that make for great add-on purchases right on top of the counter. Items like plated roses, cleaners, and watchstraps can help you cross-sell product and increase your average purchase value.

• Remember–gift wrapping IS customer service

Providing customers with gift wrapping services not only saves them time, but also speaks volumes about your devotion to customer service and your brand, all for a pretty low investment. And gift wrapping in front of customers gives you more time for cross/counter sale opportunities!

• Applying the Rule of Three

When thinking about your store's visual merchandising, remember the Rule of Three. Grouping items in clusters of no more than three makes them easier for a customer to take in. And shopper are already conditioned to think of choices in groups of three - ring, earrings, necklace. Watch this video to see how it's done.

• Keep your inventory easily identifiable with colored tags

A dream sale can turn into a nightmare quickly if your sales associate and/or customer becomes confused over pricing, not to mention lead to a bad shopping experience at your store. Have no fear because colored jewelry tags allow you to manage your sales strategies and inventory with ease.

Got any more bright ideas? We'd love to hear them!