Gary Venable
Gemstones Senior Product Manager

In order to guarantee quality, consistency, and transparency, we directly source our gemstones via Stuller Thailand, a buying, sorting, and grading operation in Bangkok.
In the following interview, Stuller's chief gemstone buyer, Gary Venable, answers a few key questions about how and why Stuller Thailand works. 

Why Thailand in particular?  

Bangkok is considered the gemstone hub of the world, and many of the stone types we acquire come from that part of the globe. So we’re closer to the source, literally. 

When did Stuller open Stuller Thailand?

It opened in 1996.

 What changes in Stuller’s business lead to the opening of Stuller Thailand? 

Once Stuller decided to get into the gemstone business, it made sense to be where the product was and where we could train people to know the quality standards we provide to our customers. This was the best way to ensure that our assortments and the general excellence of our product would stay consistent.

A Stuller Thailand team member sorts through amethyst stones
to assure they meet our quality standards.

How has the operation grown? 

Over the years, the knowledge of the staff has grown. We’ve also added an entire cutting department and a graduate gemologist. 

What sort of experience does the personnel have? 

We have many years of experience in the gemstone field. For example, the two gemstone buyers have more than 40 years of combined experience; quality assurance associates have been there since the opening of the facility; and all six of our gemstone cutters have 10 years of experience each.

Describe the steps in the process for a stone coming through Stuller Thailand?  

Standards are set at Stuller in Louisiana, and we supply Thailand with live samples for reference. When Stuller Thailand receives a purchase order from us, they collect stones from several vendors and then go through the sorting process, weeding out damaged, poorly cut, or highly included stones. They will only accept stones that meet the quality standards enforced by the live samples.

How does Stuller Thailand help Stuller offer jewelers the top gemstones inventory in the United States?

Stuller Thailand is right in the middle of the gemstones world. They have an incredible network of vendors covering all of Asia. They also have access to vendors who will special cut items that local vendors will not. And those are just a few of the reasons. 

Large yellow sapphires, thoroughly checked
and ready for our customers.
 A Few More Facts and Facets

Diamond and Gemstone Specialists

For expert, individualized attention to specific stones in our inventory, turn to our team of specialists. When you call with specific questions, they simply walk over to the vault to inspect the stone directly. Every specialist knows the inventory inside and out, and all are GIA® trained. To contact a specialist, dial 800-877-7777. Choose Option 5 (for Diamonds) or Option 6 (for Gemstones).

Mail-In Matching Services

With the biggest inventory in the business, we offer quick and reliable matching for replacement or companion pieces. Turn around time is approximately 2-3 business days after package is received. Speak directly with expert Chetta Marks at 800-877-7777, ext 3949.

Special Requests

With a vast network of global sources, we can find just about any stone you could want. Within 24-48 hours for gemstones and five days for diamonds, we have a quote ready for you. With your approval, we’ll order, match, and deliver exactly what you need. To contact a specialist, dial 800-877-7777. Choose Option 5 (for Diamonds) or Option 6 (for Gemstones).

Integrity in Every Red and Black Box

Integrity, quality, and service — the benefits of Red Box Diamonds® and Black Box Gemstones® revolve around these principles. Each hand-selected stone comes inscribed with a unique identifier linked to its individual grading documentation. Sales of these stones are conditional based on your approval after a five-day review period. 

For more about the value behind every Red and Black Box, visit and — where you can also get an inside look at Stuller Thailand in our new Black Box Gemstones video.