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Today I’m here to tell you all about the new Stullersonic!



[Pauses for applause]

But first, let me give you a little background on me so you feel confident about trusting my advice.

Fun Facts: I indulge in TV shows that feature immortal, drop-dead gorgeous vampires. I drink pumpkin-spice lattes. I own a book entitled He’s Just Not That Into You (okay, I own the movie, too).

And now, I’m here to serve as your go-to girl for the inside scoop on Stuller’s tools, metals, and findings.

Have my qualifications inspired confidence yet?

No? Fair enough. But here are a few more things you should know: I’m forever curious, I’m a hands-on learner, I’m an out-of-the-box thinker, I’m unbiased, I’m committed, and I work with the Stuller experts you trust every day.

As I navigate my way through this brand-new world (I’ve only worked in the Tools/Metals/Findings world for about five months), I will deliver access the latest and greatest through fun, truthful, informative articles.  And that’s a promise!

So let’s get started. I sat down with Stuller’s Shawn Albert, Tools Product Manager, to get the 411 on our new gadget, the Stullersonic. Shawn has been with Stuller for over 20 years now, so it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing.

Shawn, tell me about the Stullersonic.

It’s an ultrasonic…

Guilty. Tell me what an ultrasonic is.

An ultrasonic is used to clean jewelry. It vibrates and heats up, dissolving the rouge that has built up from polishing a piece.

What makes it different from others on the market?

Most significantly, the warranty. The warranty on the Stullersonic is a huge benefit. If it breaks within 90 days, we will replace it for free.

From the 91st day up until the two-year mark, if your Stullersonic breaks, we will send you a new one the next day while we wait to receive your broken machine. You’ll only be without an ultrasonic for a day! You don’t have to stop your work. Once we receive the broken Stullersonic, we’ll check out the problem. We’ll credit your account for the new ultrasonic, minus $50.

So it matters how the problem came about? What if I have a temper tantrum and throw it out the window?

That won’t be covered.

Okay. Good to know. Going forward with the assumption that I take perfect care of it, am I going to have to use that warranty? How dependable is the Stullersonic?

There are cases where we’ve seen someone have some issues with other brands of ultrasonics. The standard lifecycle of an ultrasonic is about five to seven years. You’re messing around with electricity, chemicals, and water!


Right, it’s not the best combination, so eventually the machine wears out. That being said, the Stullersonic is very dependable. It’s been sent out there in the real world to be tested and we’ve been very happy with the reviews. I’ll read you one testimonial from David White at Aucoin Hart Jewelers.

“I think we've had the first prototype since December. I've been on a mission to break it, burn it up, and push it to its limits. We've had the [Stuller] ultrasonic running at least eight hours a day. Hardly any etching of the tank, which is usually caused by cavitation and corrosive cleaners. The tank is solid. It gets so hot you can just about boil crawfish with it. No bells and whistles, just a simple cleaning machine that removes polishing compounds extremely fast and works as hard as you need it to. For the price, I don't know of a better machine out there. The shop is extremely impressed.” 


** Note: Do not actually try to boil crawfish in your Stullersonic. It’s not covered under the warranty. I asked.

What size do I buy?

If you’re working with fewer than 50 pieces a day, I’d go with the two-quart, the three- quart if you’re working with 50 to 100 pieces a day, or the six-quart if you’re surpassing that.

I’ve definitely learned a lot. The Stullersonic sounds like a durable, reliable tool with priceless Stuller support behind it. Thanks, Shawn!

How often do you use an ultrasonic during the course of the day? Share your experiences here.