The density of platinum seems to make finishing somewhat more laborious. However, a fine, high polish is readily acheived by following regular polishing procedures and finishing sequences. Whenever possible, it is best to pre-finish components prior to assembly as solders are more easily polished than platinum and may be over-finished or dragged out of the seam otherwise. Always begin with the least aggressive abrasive that will accomplish the task and remove all defects before moving to the next step. Use closely-spaced abrasives as skipping a step to save time will ultimately require more time and result in a less attractive finish. It is eassential to maintain a seperate set of files, buffs, brushes and compounds reserved exclusively for platinum to avoid contamination and acheive the ultimate platinum finish. The following sequence and materials are used to finish platinum products at Stuller.

1) Remove sprues using a 120 grit sanding belt or a #3 cut file.
2) Hand burnish or tumble in stainless steel burnishing media to compact surface and fill minor pitting.
3) Remove surface blemishes with #5 & #6 cut files.
4) Sand inside of ring with a 320 grit cartridge roll.
5) Sand inside of ring with a fine grit grey silicone inside ring cyclinder
6) Deburr mounting with a light deburring wheel.
7) In areas inaccessible to light deburring wheel, use a 180 grit 7/8" knife edged silicone wheel.
8) Repeat using a 220 grit 7/8" knife edge silicone wheel
9) Using a 3/4" medium bristle brush and grey star polishing compound, polish prongs and other difficult to access areas.
10) Using a 6" stitched yellow treated muslin buff, smooth shank and other broad areas.
11) Polish inside of ring with a felt-inside ring buff using grey star compound.
12) Lap sides and angles with a 6 x 1/2" Paramount split lap using grey star compound.
13) Clean thoroughly using steam or ultrasonic.
14) Polish with an unstitched 6" Finex muslin buff using green rouge.
15) Clean, then polish with a 6" purple treated buff using Bright White platinum polish.
16) Clean, then polish with a 6" purple treated buff using carot rouge.