We all know the summer season is prime vacation time. And your customers may bring back souvenirs to remember their trips. Some collect t-shirts or magnets. Others find great deals on gemstones.When they return, they'll turn to you - their trusted jeweler - to help them create something memorable. This project is just one example of what can be done with some of the oddly sized or proportioned gems.

Tools Needed:

Mounted Bristle Brush

"Perfect-Set" Plier

Moorplastic Snap-On
Sanding Disc

High Speed
Twist Drills

Grobet™ Valtitan
Hand File

Foredom® Jewelers Kit

Components Used:

Pear Bezel Top

Trim Plate

Pear 3-Prong V-End
Dangle Mounting


1. Clean and prepolish the trim component.



2. Use a file or abrasive wheel to adjust the trim to match the pear-shaped bezel perfectly.

3. Drill a hole in the tip of the trim to accommodate the dangle.

4. Solder the bezel and the dangle component. Be sure to leave enough room for the dangle to allow it to
move freely.

5. Neither the trim element nor the bezel had an integrated bail, so we selected a large jump ring to customize a bail. The jump ring was cut in half and soldered to the back. The larger bail loops will allow for versatility in chain choices.

6. Polish it. Set it. Then, give the piece a final polish and deliver to your customer.

Have any unique jewelry creations? Share them with us in the comments below.