Tools Needed:

Gemlogis® Gauge

Item #:35-1202:

Digital Caliper

Item #:35-1798

Foredom® Flexshaft

Item #:34-2242

Pearl Drill Set

Item #:53-1200

Pearl Drill Vise

Item #:53-1201

Epoxy Syringe

Item #:12-2132


Measure the diameter of your pearls.

Measure the diameter of your pearls.


Select a tube bezel.

Select a tube bezel that is less than 1/3 of the diameter of the pearl. We don’t recommend anything larger because you run the risk breaking the pearl or flaking of the nacre.


Preset the bezels.

Preset the bezels with diamonds or gemstones.


Measure the outside diameter and depth.

Carefully measure the outside diameter and depth of the bezel. Match the diameter of the drill bit to the diameter of the bezel.


Measure the depth of the bezel.

Measure the depth of the bezel. Mark the drill bit, keeping in mind that you are going to flush set this bezel into the pearl.


Drill the pearl.

Drill the pearl, stopping at the mark on the drill bit. Dry fit the bezels into the newly drilled hole. The bezel should rest flush or slightly above the pearls surface.

Repair Tip:

You’ll need to leave room for your adhesive. If the fit is too tight, place the drill back in the hole and slightly rock back and forth to widen it.


Add your pearl glue or adhesive.

Add your pearl glue or adhesive. Then set the pearl onto either the earring mounting or the tie tack. Repeat steps 1-6 for each pearl.


Glue to the earring settings.

Glue your completed pearls to the earring settings. Let them set. Attach the backs.


Solder the tie tack post.

Solder the tie tack post to the pearl cup setting. Glue the pearl in place. Attach the back.


Use as a starting point.

Or, use this as a starting point to create your own full-drilled pearl design.


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