Packaging and Displays for Todays Trends  

Perfectly complement current jewelry trends with new packaging and display options.

As jewelry professionals, we are constantly trying to get ahead and discuss the latest trends. What’s currently popular? What are my customers looking for next? How can I get ahead? It’s one thing to have the perfect piece. It’s another thing entirely to have what you need to seal the deal. This is when packaging and displays come into play.

Think of your business’ packaging and displays as vital accents when making the sale. If you’re trying to sell trending jewelry, you need to make sure your customer gets the full experience. To give you an idea of what I mean, let’s break down three popular trends being seen in the jewelry industry today and match those with packaging and display solutions to help your customers feel like they got that “something extra” with their purchasing experience.

Stacking and Layering

Mixing and matching multiple jewelry styles on the ears, wrists, fingers, and neck is a trend we’re seeing everywhere. Stacking and layering is a way to build unique jewelry statements. This trend has been on the rise over the last couple of years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With that being the case, it’s important that your customers can visualize how pieces layer next to each other.

By using modern display designs, you can create a hands-on shopping experience for your customers. Allow them to interact with the display and pair their favorite pieces together. Don’t be surprised if you make more than one sale that day!


With travel restrictions being lifted, the last year has seen a renewed sense of love for exploring the world. Whether a simple beach vacation down the road or a transcontinental trip to Europe, people want to be out and about while wearing their favorite jewelry.

You can make sure your customers travel in style with their jewelry secure and safe using one of our new travel cases.


Retro and Vintage Inspirations

Fashion is cyclical and trends have a way of coming around again. Art deco designs, elongated and fancy-shaped stones, and reimagined classic styles are all very popular right now. So how can you use packaging and displays to capitalize on this trend?

As with most packaging and displays, it’s about creating a complete experience. If your customer is interested in these nostalgic styles, pair them with velvet and rust-colored packaging and displays. This combination will make any retro fanatic’s dreams come true.


Packaging and Displays Made for You

Whether you’re keeping up with the trends or trying to create a cohesive branded experience in your store, Stuller’s packaging and display options can suit any need. Choose from our vast in-stock assortment to get what you need at a moment’s notice or place a custom order that gives you something more personalized. As you get ready for the busy holiday selling season, know that you can always find the perfect packaging and displays at Stuller.