Everyone loves a good deal. And if you can find a great deal, that’s even better. So buckle up, we’ve got some great news to share.

But first, a little background: over the last 50 years, our customers have come to rely on excellent customer service, large assortments of products and services, and cutting-edge innovations. And now, we’ve added another way to serve you – unbeatable deals on tools, supplies, and packaging via eBay!

In late 2019, we saw an opportunity to offer jewelers slightly used tools and supplies at perfect price points. As a result, our eBay store was born giving customers access to the great deals we offer during in-house events. From units handled during demonstrations to gently used tools and watchbands, Stuller’s eBay Store is a hassle-free, negotiations-welcome shopping experience.

Although launching Stuller eBay wasn’t in response to COVID-19, it has helped a number of our customers get the tools they need to continue to be successful.

For more information on how to shop Stuller eBay visit our shop here, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or call our Tools Tech Team at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300.