Open Grow SureCast Resin  

Discover the unprecedented potential of 3D printing for jewelers with this Stuller Exclusive.

In the dynamic world of jewelry design, innovation is key to unlocking limitless creativity. With the Open Grow SureCast resin, a groundbreaking wax-based photopolymer resin developed exclusively for Stuller by Resinworks 3D, new and exciting possibilities are on the horizon with its combination of remarkable features. From print efficiency to casting quality, let’s dive into the exciting capabilities of Open Grow SureCast. 

What is Castable Resin? 

Castable resin, such as the Open Grow SureCast, is a remarkable material used in 3D printing, specifically for jewelry. This type of resin allows jewelers to create intricate and detailed models with precision and ease. With the right 3D printer, a castable resin can create a model that can go straight to casting from print, significantly improving your design and production process. 

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Jewelers can use a castable resin to explore new design possibilities, experiment with complex geometries, produce high-quality prototypes, and cast their next custom piece. 

Open Grow SureCast Resin

Key Factors Setting Open Grow SureCast Apart From Others 

You might be asking yourself a few things at this point. But why this castable resin? What’s so special? We’ve put together eight key factors that make an investment in this resin an easy decision. 


Superior Castability

Achieve excellent results with precise and intricate designs, ensuring exceptional quality in each casted piece. 



Experience a seamless finish, eliminating the need for extensive post-processing work. 



Save time and resources with an optimized printing process, maximizing productivity without compromising on quality. 


No Cure Time

Enjoy the convenience of immediate casting without the need for time-consuming curing processes. 


No Barrier Coating

Streamline your workflow and reduce the number of steps needed by removing the necessity for barrier coating. 


Matte Finish

Embrace a modern, unique aesthetic with a matte surface. 


Less Handling

Minimize the risk of damage or contamination with minimal handling, which gives you pristine results. 


Easily Readable Color

Benefit from enhanced readability from the Open Grow SureCast’s bright yellow color that make design evaluation effortless. 

“The innovation behind Open Grow SureCast is in its chemical composition. Unlike standard resin formulations which are plastic based, the backbone of Open Grow SureCast extends beyond conventional material to incorporate wax.”
Kamal Patel, Co-Founder and CTO at Resinworks 3D

Open Grow SureCast Resin

Resinworks 3D: Pioneers in Resin Technology 

Stuller has partnered with Resinworks 3D — a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality photopolymers for a variety of industries — to bring a superior casting resin to the market for jewelers. This collaboration brings together the unrivaled expertise of both industry leaders, enabling jewelers and designers to access the exceptional benefits of Open Grow SureCast resin. With Stuller's commitment to providing top-quality materials and Resinworks 3D's groundbreaking technology, this partnership is set to provide even greater advancements to the custom jewelry design industry. 

“The valuable partnership between Resinworks 3D and Stuller stems from the same fundamental sentiments toward innovation — identify the problem, understand the problem, and work the problem,” says Patel. “Both Resinworks3D’s ten years of innovation in jewelry 3D printing as well as Stuller’s 50+ years of growth and longevity have been a testament to that. The mutual curiosity to push limits is so strong between both companies that we have already begun discussions for another unique product that will push jewelry manufacturing another step forward.” 

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Superior Technology in Jewelry Customization 

When creating custom jewelry from start to finish, it’s important to always be on top of the latest technological developments. New innovations come to light constantly, and you can count on Stuller to always offer the latest and greatest. 

The Open Grow SureCast is the next great thing when it comes to jewelry customization. A high-quality castable resin will do wonders for your in-house production processes by saving you time and expanding your capabilities. Shop today and see for yourself! 

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