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Growing up in West Texas, Patrick’s passion for jewelry began when a teacher offered him a job making belt buckles. It was this teacher who encouraged Patrick to pursue a career in the jewelry industry.



Patrick’s many years in the trade makes him a well-rounded Battle of the Benches competitor. He has sold, designed, and created with CAD, 3D printing, mills, stone setting, fabrication, and more. For him, working under pressure is a no big deal. When asked about his favorite part of the job, “It’s all about the reveal,” he says. “Seeing a customer’s face light up when they see the jewelry that I’ve worked so hard to create is indescribable.”

“It can be very technical and challenging,” says Patrick, talking about creating special jewelry for someone. “But, it can also be very emotionally rewarding.” One of the pieces he remembers most is a mother’s ring he created for a mother who had recently lost a child. “To her, that ring meant the world.”

Another neat fact: Patrick has made quite a bit of jewelry for professional athletes. He once made a pendant for his favorite team’s running back. When the running back was interviewed on TV after winning a playoff game, he was wearing the pendant Patrick made. “It was quite a rush to see that, especially after a playoff win,” says Patrick.


These days, Patrick Dobbs sits on the Industry Advisory Board for the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris, Texas. He offers his industry knowledge and experience to help determine current and future needs for the program.

His guidance and expertise steers content and curriculum recommendations to maintain TIJT’s status as one of the most comprehensive jewelry programs in the industry. During his free time, Patrick loves to work out and he likes to play tennis. He also spends his free time tinkering with cars.

Whether it’s jewelry or automobiles, Patrick Dobbs enjoys working with his hands, making him a formidable challenger as this year’s reigning Battle of the Benches competitor.


“It was a tough decision because they were all amazing,” said Battle of the Benches judge, Angela Busby. “The competitors gave their all, and it definitely showed in the final product.”In the end, the judging panel named Patrick Dobbs the 2018 Bench Jeweler Workshop Champion of the Battle of the Benches Challenge.

Over twenty students from the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology accompanied Patrick on his 2018 visit to Bench Jeweler Workshop. The students got first-hand experience with the tools, training, software, and expertise Stuller offers. “I wanted to draw attention to the school — one of the finest jewelry schools in the country,” Patrick explained. “I went to school there, and it’s where I got all my knowledge. I’m on the board and helping with the curriculum. So, I just wanted to make sure people were aware of this school still.”


Stay tuned. We’ll be featuring the remaining 2019 Battle of the Benches challengers in the weeks to come. Don’t forget to book your spot at this premier bench jeweler event held March 23–24. The last day to register is March 21, 2019.

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