Get to know a little bit about the team that helps our jewelers create amazing pieces.

We are back with our Meet the Team series, and this time we want to introduce another Stuller product team that strives to create the exceptional products that every jeweler needs. Our Findings and Fabricated Metals Merchandising Team contains four bright individuals with almost 25 years of combined knowledge and experience with our Metal and Findings offerings. 

Findings and Metals are often the first pieces involved in creating jewelry, so offering high-quality products to our customers is one of the teams’ top priorities. They are always trying to develop new and improved products that they know our customers will love. Let me introduce the team to you!

Tiffany Adams

Tiffany is the Senior Director of Merchandising for the Findings and Fabricated Metals teams. She is a Slidell, Louisiana native who has been with Stuller for four and a half years. Tiffany uses her love for analytics to discover how and why certain items perform well with our customers. She then works and guides the Findings and Fabricated Metals teams to determine how they can leverage that success expanding other products. Her background in retail is also great for navigating the merchandising teams in developing high-quality products for our customers’ needs and wants. Tiffany’s passion for jewelry and the people she works with has enabled her to create long-lasting relationships. She appreciates that there is always something new and exciting happening in the jewelry industry.


Emily Hargroder

Emily is a Findings Product Manager and has been with Stuller for over three years. After graduating from college, Emily knew she wanted to work at Stuller, and luckily there was a perfect spot for her on the Findings team. She has helped the team create the perfect component pieces to fill our customers’ gaps in their jewelry designs. This process of studying parts and pieces while seeing where we can create the products that our customers need is a crucial attribute in Emily’s role. One of her favorite moments on the Findings team was when she was heavily involved in the planning and production of our latest Findings and Metals catalog. This is yet another factor in how this team is always looking to improve our customers’ shopping experience. Emily agrees with Tiffany when saying that every day is different when working in the jewelry industry. She loves the experiences she has gained and the products she gets to help develop every day.


Robert Krieg

Robert is originally from Dallas, Texas, and has worked at Stuller for ten years. Robert has gained an abundance of knowledge about our products thanks to his experience working on our Tools, Packaging, and Findings merchandising teams over his decade at Stuller. For the last five years, he has been an integral part of the Findings team, where he specializes in our shanks and settings assortments. By working alongside the manufacturing and product development teams, Robert has been able to assist in making our jewelers' lives a little easier by creating valuable and on-trend findings products. He loves the unique blend of creativity and analysis that comes with working in the jewelry industry and values meeting our amazing customers at our trade shows all over the country.


Meagan Faul

Meagan, a Fabricated Metals Product Manager, is a Lafayette, Louisiana native and has been part of #TeamStuller for the last six and a half years. Her knowledge of our Fabricated Metals assortment and strong relationships with our manufacturers are key components to delivering the right products to our customers. Metals are an essential feature of the jewelry industry, and making sure that our selection is top tier is what she always strives to accomplish in her position. One of Meagan’s favorite things about her job is seeing how our customers can transform our raw materials into magnificent works of art. She loves working with diverse groups of teams throughout Stuller and is always up for learning something new that she can benefit from to integrate into the products she manages.


This team is a one-of-a-kind group of individuals— just like the products they love to develop. I cannot wait to introduce more teams that have helped Stuller become the company it is today. Be on the lookout for even more introductions soon.

Make sure to check out some of the great fabricated metals and findings that the team works so hard to offer you!



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