You need your laser welder in top shape to take on the busy holiday seasons, so make sure you are up to date on the maintenance. To help we developed this list of the maintenance parts and how often you should change them:

  • Water Filter (14-0122) and Deionized Water - This is the single most
    important item to change. Replace once a year on Rofin welders or every
    three to six months for other brands. You can use distilled (not tap) water
    on Rofin brand welders. Tropical fish stores can usually supply you with
    inexpensive and local deionized water. After replacing the water and water
    filter, run the laser (without firing) for 30 minutes while the new water is
    completely de-ionized.
  • Protection Glass (14-0121) - This is the small round glass in the laser
    chamber between the bulbs. It protects the optics of the laser from any
    splashes of metal or smoke from welding. Clean it once a month with
    window cleaner and paper towels. Replace it when the glass gets pitted or
    if it breaks. On the Rofin welders, it can be rotated to move spots out of the
    way of the beam.
  • Flash Lamp (14-0120) - Usually lasts two to four years. Flash lamps will
    degrade over time so you will need to use more voltage the older it is. When
    the voltage settings get high, order another lamp and replace immediately.
  • Air Filter (5002 14-0123, 6002/7002 14-0128) - Replace every three
    to five years. This is a HEPA filter so it lasts a very long time. It can be
    vacuumed out once a year to increase life of the filter.
  • Water Pump (14-0109) - After a few years of use, you may notice a
    knocking sound coming out of the bottom of your laser welder. This noise
    happens when the water pump wears out. The noise will start soft and get
    louder as time passes.
  • Heat Exchange Fins - Clean once a year. The cooling unit has small fins
    that need to be cleaned out like the ones on an air conditioner. Take off
    the right side panel and there will be a hole at the bottom where you can
    get to the fins. Use a long bristled brush or compressed air to clean.

Costly down time and repairs to the machine can be averted if you follow the recommended maintenance plan. Rofin has created an easy to follow manual with great step-by-step instructions for doing all of the maintenance on your Rofin Laser Welder. And if you have any questions, you can always reach Stuller's Laser Expert at 1-800-877-7777 ext. 3686.