Does maintenance really matter?

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Not doing the maintenance on the laser welder can cause a small to complete loss of welding power. The importance of preventive maintenance. Assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of the equipment. Time savings. A planned preventive maintenance may cause small hindrance for production, but that is nothing compared to actual downtime caused by a breakdown.

The gold plated chamber that holds the YAG rod and flash lamp can corrode. This will stop your laser from firing and the chamber will need to be replaced. It is a costly part and the work can take several hours to change and get the beam aligned again. Old water can build up mold that will clog up the water filter. This clog will stop the flow of water and shut down the laser welder.

These guidelines will help to establish a routine maintenance program including the changing of water filters, replacement of lamps, and more.

Protection Glass

Clean it once a month with window cleaner and paper towels. Replace it once a year. This is the small round glass in the laser chamber between the bulbs. This part will get spots due to metal splatter that can block the laser beam. On the Rofin welders, it can be rotated to move spots out of the way of the beam.

Water Filter and Deionized Water

Replace once a year. With the Rofin welder, you can use distilled water. Other welders require changing the water and filter once every three to six months, so check with your manufacturer for suggested replacement times.
the point, and across the widest part.

Flash Lamp

Replace every two to five years. This part can be used until it stops working. Flash lamps will degrade over time. When you notice you need more power to do the same jobs, the flash lamp is about a month away from going out. Order another lamp and replace immediately or wait until the old one stops working.

Air Filter

Replace every three to five years. this is a HEPA filter, so it lasts a very long time. It can be blown out once a year to increase life of the filter.

Heat Exchanger Fins

Clean once a year. The cooling unit has small fins that need to be cleaned out like the ones on the front of an air-conditioner. Take off the right side panel and there will be a hole at the bottom where you can get to the fins..


Learn how to properly maintain your laser welder by downloading this great step-by-step instruction manual for doing all of the maintenance of the Rofin Laser Welder!

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