Explore next-level precision and limitless possibilities through the lens of laser technology.

Explore next-level precision and limitless possibilities through the lens of laser technology.

While the digital era continues to make major waves in nearly every industry, laser technologies have also become essential tools for jewelers of every skill level, combining precision, efficiency, and creativity. However, with so many options and investments, it can be difficult to decide on what cutting-edge laser technology and equipment is right for your business. The bottom line in today’s industry is that staying ahead often means embracing innovation, which is why we are going to briefly touch on two pivotal laser technologies that can take your services to the next level: laser welding and laser engraving.

Whether reinforcing durability or adding a personal touch to your customer’s piece, understanding the benefits — and sometimes setbacks — of these tools is key to not only making a proper investment decision but also understanding how you can best serve your customers overall.

With the right guidance, you can have confidence in taking your next steps in the world of laser technology. Let’s get started!

What is Laser Welding?

Laser welding simplifies precision with a focused laser beam, and ensures clean, solid seams even in tricky areas on smaller pieces typically needing repairs. Beyond precision, laser welding speeds up tasks without compromising quality, letting jewelers handle repairs more efficiently and boost their bottom line. It's not just about making repairs; it's about ensuring each piece lasts. By incorporating laser welding technology into your daily process, you can maximize time, reduce errors, save money, and more importantly, build trust.

Perfect for tasks like ring resizing, retipping, or even stone setting, laser welding brings speed and ease to in-house tasks, proving to be an invaluable addition with a solid track record for return on investment.

Models in Focus: Coherent®-Rofin and Orotig

Interested in adding a laser welder to your shop but not sure where to start? Two leading names in laser technology — Coherent®-Rofin and Orotig — are available in both standing and desktop models and are versatile for catering to different needs. Whether your shop is low on space or your daily requests call for longer-lasting power, desktop and standing models of both Coherent-Rofin and Orotig laser welders are sure to streamline your processes with laser welding precision and unparalleled accuracy. Check out our resources on Stuller.com to compare each model and find which investment is best for you.

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What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving, a revolution in jewelry customization, intricately etches designs onto various materials and metals using focused laser beams. Much like welding, laser engraving offers precision and consistency with every job, while allowing you to take customization to new heights. Powered by cutting-edge technology, laser engraving equipment revolutionizes how a jeweler can create personalized pieces with unmatched speed and simplicity, meeting the growing demand for personalization. Offering engraving services not only provides quick and consistent results but also meets your customer’s request for unique, meaningful pieces.

In a retail landscape where customization is key for growth, laser engraving can be a jeweler’s secret to standing out among the competition and building lasting connections with customers.

Models in Focus: Best Built and LaserPecker LP4

For laser engraving equipment, Stuller offers Best Built L3 series models that range from 30 watts for light cutting to 100 watts for manufacturing-level production, and the newest LaserPecker LP4 dual-laser engraver — a compact, powerhouse addition to any jeweler’s shop. Let’s take a look at a few key differences.

LaserPecker LP4: A portable, all-purpose, dual-laser engraver for fine detailing, and blue laser technology that enhances cutting performance. With a combination of diode and pulsed infrared lasers, users can easily switch between sources to suit the desired material they are etching or engraving.

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Best Built L2 and L3 Models: Specialized for jewelry marking, Best Built models provide fast results with easy, novice-friendly handling. Offering a friendly user interface, these models allow for engraving both words and images in incredible detail, providing complete creative freedom for rings, bangles, necklaces, and more. The rotatory fixture allows 360-degree design engraving, perfect for eternity rings. To add convenience, these models feature a built-in vacuum that collects precious metal dust, which can be converted into extra earnings through our Clean Scrap program.

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Beyond Customization

Explore new dimensions in your jewelry shop with laser technology. The Orotig Canova 50W Laser Engraver and OGITech GemScribe Laser Engraver go beyond customization, bringing precision inscriptions and versatile marking to your craft. It's more than just customization – it's about unlocking the full potential of laser tech in your shop.

OGITech GemScribe

Do you offer loose diamonds or gemstones? The OGITech GemScribe Laser Engraver is the go-to for inscribing diamonds and gemstones, adding an extra layer to your authentication process.

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Orotig Canova 50W

Compact and versatile, the Orotig Canova 50W Laser Engraver is a helmet-style marking laser that can adapt to your needs. From engraving rings, pendants, and other jewelry pieces to serial number marking or even cutting gold and silver, this model offers flexibility for a range of jobs.

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How To Choose Your Equipment

With so many options on the market, integrating laser technology and equipment into your shop’s processes can be daunting — the truth is, every business is unique, and while laser technology is a reliable addition, it is still an investment. Take the stress out of the equation with this simple list that can help you decide on your next purchase:

Assess Your Needs: Before investing in laser technology, evaluate your specific needs. For example, if precision repairs are a priority service for your shop, a laser welder might be the optimal choice. For broader creative applications like customization, marking, and intricate detailing or personalization, a laser engraver may better suit your business.

Consider Versatility: Look for equipment that is versatile and complements customer requests you see on a day-to-day basis. A laser engraver with adaptable settings can offer a seamless transition from engraving patterns or images to marking serial numbers, giving you a more flexible solution. In short, find equipment that can help you in more areas than one.

User-Friendly Models: Ease of use in a fast-paced workshop is key for optimizing your time and your resources — find equipment that can meet you where you are in your journey. Prioritize laser welding or engraving models that guide you through a learning curve without falling behind. The right equipment allows both beginners and seasoned jewelers the confidence to build their skill sets.

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Your Trusted Resource

As you dive into laser technology with precision welding and engraving, remember that Stuller isn't just your supplier — we're your dedicated partner in every step of your business journey. Beyond providing top-notch tools, we offer a comprehensive resource for high-quality products and excellent service, always keeping today’s jewelers at the forefront.

We hope that today’s comparison between laser welders and laser engravers gives you the head start needed to elevate your business or workshop. For more information on any of the mentioned models, our Tools Tech Team is always ready to help. If you have any technical questions regarding which laser technology is best for you, you can reach our Tools Tech Team at 1-800-877-7777, extension 4300.