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Dive into a product spotlight with Sunstone™ on the worldwide success of the Orion 150s Pulse Arc Welder. 

According to Sunstone, more shops purchase the Orion™ 150s pulse arc welder than any other Orion model — why? Well, with enough power, energy, and control to be useful for nearly any welding job, jewelers and manufacturers can be confident that the 150s will keep them prepared for requests at a price that fits their budget. Dependable strength and precision make this pulse arc laser welder an incredible investment for any shop looking to have equipment that is versatile as it is capable, providing quality service on anything from ring repair to permanent jewelry.

Considered the bestselling pulse arc welder in the world, we wanted to share the top five reasons from Sunstone on why the Orion 150s has quickly gained a reputation for success.

Read on for a breakdown of why shop owners are picking the 150s to do all their micro welding with information from our expert partners at Sunstone: 


Preferred Energy Range

The Orion 150s has a power range of 1 to 150 Joules. On the low end of the power scale, the 150s can deliver two fewer Joules than the 100c. On the high end, the 150s can deliver 50 more Joules than the 100c. That additional power range is significant. For most shops, you’ll never need more than 150 Joules. Along with the incredible power for the size of the model, you get precision, making it easy to have a successful weld.


Larger Touchscreen Display

The Orion 150s is a 100% digitally controlled welder. Like the mPulse and the 100c, the 150s has no bothersome knobs or dials. You simply use your finger to set all weld parameters. Unlike the mPulse and the 100c, the 150s has a 20 cm display, which is quite the jump from the 100c’s 13 cm screen. Controls are easier to read and access and provide clearer focus.


Expanded Interface and Power Control

With a larger touchscreen, Sunstone packed the 150s with on-screen-how-to videos. At any time, the operator can peruse the video library for in-depth instruction. With access to these resources, customers can research more on the model’s multiple agitation options, providing them with expanded creative flexibility by modifying how the power is delivered.


Expanded Spot Size Range

When needed, the 150s can gently deliver a weld as small as 0.5 mm, which is pretty small, a great solution for any shop needing a tiny little weld. On the flip side, when you need something bigger, you can leverage the 150s’ energy range to create a weld spot 3.5 mm in diameter, which is quite large in the realm of micro-welding.



Perhaps a fifth reason explaining the success of this model is its value. The added energy range, a larger touchscreen, an expanded interface, and an extended spot size range can be had for only 23% of the 100c’s MSRP. As a budget-friendly shop addition, the price point of this model along with its features gives jewelers and manufacturers the upper hand in boosting efficiency without sacrificing cost. 

Elevate Your Processes with Stuller

The advanced features of the Orion 150s pulse arc welder make it an excellent unit for any jeweler’s needs, giving them the opportunity to boost efficiency and streamline processes for jobs at a faster, more comfortable rate. Compared to a laser welder, an arc welder can provide excellent weld results at lower investment costs, without sacrificing quality. With enough power, control, and versatility to be suitable for any job, we are confident that the Orion 150s is a key addition for any shop looking to delve into the world of welding equipment — it’s no wonder that this unit has gained its place as a bestseller!

At Stuller, we are always researching and testing ways to ensure you feel supported and confident in how you maintain and invest in your business. We are always thankful to our partners at Sunstone who respect and comply with our standards to bring our customers the highest quality offering of products and services.

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