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A custom necklace your customers will love is easy with Stuller’s Findings & Metals catalog.

As jewelers, we aren’t strangers to customers wanting to find that special piece. In fact, personalized jewelry is becoming a regular occurrence in the jewelry industry — a ring set with a meaningful birthstone or a necklace with the initial of a loved one, just to name a few. With endless options come infinite possibilities, which can sound overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. 

At Stuller, we specialize in helping you create the perfect custom shopping experience for your customer. From our print catalogs to our web experience, we are always working to bring new features that make your life easier. One recent update can be found in the newest edition of our Findings & Metals catalog that helps you create a personalized necklace with ease. Let’s look at this new feature while walking through three easy steps to building a custom necklace.


Step One: Start With One or More Necklace Centers 

If you open to page 513 of Findings & Metals 2021-2022, you’ll find a new section of the catalog we created (thanks to some of your feedback!) that includes our complete selection of necklace centers. From round and fancy stone shapes to geometric and engravable options, find every kind of necklace center your customer could ever want.

So how does this help you? The answer is simple: endless possibilities. While our finished necklace assortment is expansive, starting with a necklace center allows you to combine all the pieces you want together the way you want it. 

Start with finding one or multiple necklace centers you’re looking for and choose the size and metal quality you need. Then take your search over to to continue this necklace’s journey.


Step Two: Assemble Your Necklace 

Now that you have a necklace center, you need something to put it on. Stuller offers an assortment of more than 300 chain styles. In fact, you can even order a custom length of your choosing with more than 100 of these styles. While this may seem overwhelming, we make it easy with a simple shopping experience so you can quickly find the style you need. If you want to learn more about Stuller’s chain offerings, head over to the Stuller Blog and explore your options on this essential item

Another option available to you is a pearl strand. Our Pearl Center gives you the option to explore our assortment of loose pearls, shop for pearl strands, and even string a pearl strand using loose pearls you send us or pearls you buy from us. Head to our website and discover the Pearl Center today.

Now that you have assembled the necklace, there is one last step before it’s complete.


Step Three: Finish with a Clasp

For the finishing touch, browse through our collection of clasps to secure your custom necklace. We offer 440 different styles of clasps, including popular lobster clasps, spring rings, box clasps, barrel clasps, and even magnetic clasps. Made with high-quality manufacturing methods, you can feel confident that each necklace will remain properly secured. 

Shop our wide selection of clasps on

A True Custom Experience 

Providing the best shopping experience is not just the beautiful, finished piece. It’s also about letting your customers have a hand in the process. By easily combining Findings & Metals 2021-2022 with, you can have a seamless customization process that lets your customer feel like the piece is truly theirs.