How It Works: RS Globus LTD for Micro Ball Vise Basic Set

The only drawback to hands-on benchwork is that you only have two of them! So, reach for an all-new Globus Work Holding Set to improve your dexterity. It’s like another pair of hands to hold your works in progress.

Designed especially for stone setting and engraving, this innovative mounting system adds multi-angle options to your Micro or Standard Ball Vise (sold separately). Think of it as an expansion kit to your ball vise, adding precision and efficiency to your workflow. The positioning possibilities are limitless.


In 2011, Roman Simantov, a master stone setter, recognized the need for a dynamic tool to help hold and secure the intricate pieces he worked on. He searched the industry for the ideal tool, but found nothing that met his specifications.

So, he and his father joined forces to create a revolutionary work holding tool set for stone setters and engravers alike. Their passion for precision and efficiency shines through with this innovative tool.


    • It’s designed to help you work with precision and efficiency when performing: layout, drilling, opening holes, cutting, setting stones and finishing.

    • It holds your work securely while offering endless options and positioning possibilities.

    • Globus is constructed of superior quality materials, made with the highest precision CNC machinery.

    • Its fast-interchangeable attachments provide multi-function uses.

    • Use Globus for work on a variety of jewelry applications like rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and more.

    • Suited for work with both micro and standard ball vise by GRS (sold separately).

Overview of the RS Globus Work Holding Solution

GRS® MicroBlock XL

(for use with GRS® Micro Ball Vise, sold seperately)

Jewelers’ Tools for Springtime RS Globus LTD


Reach every angle possible with the RS Globus LTD Workholding Solution. This tool comes in three set types — basic, full, and master — and is designed for stone setters and engravers, all regardless of skill level.

Globus offers various positioning possibilities and is great for jewelers who work on a variety of pieces, like rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Ideal for when you’re working on pieces that are oriented vertically or horizontally.

Each kit contains a variety of components and interchangeable attachments.

The basic set contains:

    • Clamp holder and two pieces of rubber for the clamp holder

    • Newly designed cone mount

    • Four small M5 screws and a set of four cylinders (12, 14, 16, 18 mm)

    • A set of ten expandable collets (13–22 mm)

    • One cone and one 51-mm bolt and a small box

    • Screw knob and a split-lock washer

    • Shellac/thermo-lock handle and a 5-mm Allen key (t-shape handle).

The full set contains:

    • All of the items in the basic set

    • Hexagon-shaped base (one bolt, 23.7 mm) and handle

    • Master key and a set of three bolts (39, 51, 61 mm)

    • Hexagonal and round holder and wheel

    • Large and small box; a carbon-fiber Eva case for tools

    • Small clear plastic storage box

The master set contains:

    • All of the items in the basic and full set

    • A curved and a small key

    • Mini-adapter with one 23.7-mm bolt

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