As we sweep winter out the door and cheer the arrival of spring, new beginnings blossom all around us. It’s the season of change, and what better way to make your bench feel fresh and spring-ready than by adding a new tool?

Below, we’ve freshly picked four new jewelers’ tools for springtime.


Presidium® Gem Tester II

Jewelers’ Tools for Springtime Presidium® Gem Tester II


The Presidium® Gem Tester II is the perfect tool to add a fresh step to your bench routine: diamond and gemstone testing.

The easy-to-use PGT II identifies diamonds/moissanite and differentiates between 15 colored gemstone types, both polished and unpolished. The thermoelectric tip is 0.6 mm wide, enabling it to test gemstones as small as 0.02 ct.

Use the PGT II’s handheld probe pen to test all stones that come through your door and to show customers why they can trust you. Since the PGT II delivers results immediately, testing takes only a microscopic amount of time out of your day.

Knowing your stones gives you total confidence in your product. And peace of mind is priceless.


Leica® Stereozoom S9i Package

Jewelers’ Tools for Springtime Leica® Stereozoom S9i Package


Got new gemstones stocked for spring? Get a closer look at them with the Lecia® Stereozoom S9.

While best suited for gemological tasks, you can use this microscope for any work requiring magnification. The S9 provides 55X magnification and 9:1 zoom, making it simply splendid for viewing minuscule details or a broad overview.

Whether you’re getting extraordinarily up close with your diamonds and gemstones or looking for flaws on a finished piece of jewelry — or are just double checking your repair work — the S9 is the microscope for the job.

The integrated camera connects to your facility’s network, making image sharing and video recording super simple. With the camera, you can document details and results, train new employees, get second opinions, share photos and footage online, or put customers in the driver’s seat — behind the microscope — and educate them on what they’re looking at.


GRS® MicroBlock XL

Jewelers’ Tools for Springtime GRS® MicroBlock XL


The GRS® MicroBlock XL has been expanded for heavier weight and better functionality. It’s low-profile and the perfect size, falling between the GRS® MicroBlock and the GRS® Standard Block, and has the exact same jaws found on the MicroBlock. This means the MicroBlock XL is entirely compatible with all your favorite MicroBlock attachments.

This tool comes with two bases — one plastic, one rubber — for more precise control. The small, flexible vise makes it perfect for stone setting, small- and mid-sized engraving, and other precision work. The internal rotational brake system lets the user choose the amount of rotational resistance from free to locked.

Experience increased work efficiency while still getting to use your favorite GRS® MicroBlock tools with the GRS® MicroBlock XL.


GRS® MicroBlock XL

(for use with GRS® Micro Ball Vise, sold seperately)

Jewelers’ Tools for Springtime RS Globus LTD


Reach every angle possible with the RS Globus LTD Workholding Solution. This tool comes in three set types — basic, full, and master — and is designed for stone setters and engravers, all regardless of skill level.

Globus offers various positioning possibilities and is great for jewelers who work on a variety of pieces, like rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Ideal for when you’re working on pieces that are oriented vertically or horizontally.

Each kit contains a variety of components and interchangeable attachments.

The basic set contains:

    • Clamp holder and two pieces of rubber for the clamp holder

    • Newly designed cone mount

    • Four small M5 screws and a set of four cylinders (12, 14, 16, 18 mm)

    • A set of ten expandable collets (13–22 mm)

    • One cone and one 51-mm bolt and a small box

    • Screw knob and a split-lock washer

    • Shellac/thermo-lock handle and a 5-mm Allen key (t-shape handle).

The full set contains:

    • All of the items in the basic set

    • Hexagon-shaped base (one bolt, 23.7 mm) and handle

    • Master key and a set of three bolts (39, 51, 61 mm)

    • Hexagonal and round holder and wheel

    • Large and small box; a carbon-fiber Eva case for tools

    • Small clear plastic storage box

The master set contains:

    • All of the items in the basic and full set

    • A curved and a small key

    • Mini-adapter with one 23.7-mm bolt

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