Engraving tools are miniature chisels made of hardened steel. In proper engraving, a sharpened tool is set against the metal at a specific angle and pressure applied both downward and forward.

NOTE: Always wear eye protection when shaping and sharpening.

Graver Shapes with Cutting Angles & Faces



has a rectangular cross section with a flat cutting edge used to make flat bottom cuts.


has an equilateral square set on its corner so the lower corner cuts the metal.


has a rhombus shape with two acute and two obtuse angles for making ā€œVā€ cuts with an acute angle.


is triangular in shape with slightly rounded sides that form a point along the bottom.


has an acute triangular shape used to make deep, narrow V-shaped cuts.


has flat sides and a rounded bottom used to cut rounded grooves and raise beads.


has an oval shape and is used to produce U-shaped cuts.


has a similar shape to the flat but with shallow parallel grooves running along its bottom edge.


has a rectangular shaft with a flat top and rounded bottom used to make dots or round bottomed cuts

Tempering Temperatures


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