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Gearing up for Trade Shows

5 Tips for a Better Show

Make sure that you’re prepared for any upcoming trade shows that your company is planning on attending. Ensure that your employees are also ready and looking professional for potential clients.


Look Professional

My first tip is about more than just dressing for success, although how you dress is paramount. Don't forget to make sure your exhibit and the space within your display are clean and tidy. Remember that less is more at trade shows. Your company's name and a short message of what your company does are usually the only elements that should appear on the exhibit backdrop. Too many products or application shots will only confuse those walking by. Make sure your team looks sharp: Avoid wrinkled shirts, pants, or skirts. Look fresh for the day by eating healthily and getting pretty of sleep. Avoid late nights.


Invest in Pre-Show Marketing

Let your existing customers know you'll be exhibiting at a show they may be attending. Provide them with a reason for stopping by your booth, such as providing a discount, gift, or educational opportunity. Make sure you include the booth number and perhaps a link to the show's exhibitor map, making it easier for them to find you. Also, get the message to prospective customers by making sure visitors on your website know what shows you are attending.


Focus on Closing Business at the Show

The most effective time to close a sale is when a prospective customer is in your booth. Your close rate decreases dramatically if a visitor leaves your booth without making a purchase decision. Make sure you arm your sales team with tools to close business on the show floor. Show special pricing is usually the best tool for the job. Think about waiving shipping charges, discount pricing, or including a loss leader such as free electrodes, shielding gas, and more.


Treat Every Lead Like Gold

To attend the typical trade show, your company may invest as much as $7,000 for 10' by 10' booth space, including travel expenses. If you generate 30 leads from that investment, your cost per lead is $233. Make sure you follow up on every lead multiple times. Combine your follow-up messages with emails and phone calls. For those leads that don't result in a sale, make sure you stay in contact with them using a drip email process.


Ask for Sunstone To Help

If a particular show is essential to your company, it may be time to call in reinforcements. Sunstone is happy to send experienced micro-welding sales representatives to help you sell more welders, at its discretion. Sunstone will bear travel expenses. They can assist you with graphics and literature. Call me at 385-999-5207 or via email at