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Looking for the best jewelry cleaners for your beautiful creations? Stuller has an incredible assortment of jewelry cleaners, tools, and supplies for you to choose from. Several of our cleaners come with biodegradable liquid, meaning that it can break down and not contaminate or pollute our water, or our environment. Read on for five types of jewelry cleaners we think you’ll love in a range of different price points.  


Polishing Cloths

Klean Karat Polishing Cloth

Klean Karats® Polishing Cloths (17-0786) are available in 8x8 inch and 4x4 inch sizes, treated or untreated. They can be purchased individually wrapped or in a package of 50 unwrapped.  

Each treated cloth is bathed in a patented nontoxic formula that effectively cleans and protects your jewelry creations. It renews the shine on gold, platinum and silver. The cloth also creates an effective anti-tarnish shield that helps maintain shine and brilliance longer.  

The soft untreated microfiber outer cloth is perfect for buffing the surface of your jewelry. Easily remove fingerprints, oils, moisture, and more.  

Polishing cloths can be custom imprinted with your logo.  


Jewelry Bath Jars

Klean Karat Jewelry Bath

Klean Karats® Jewelry Bath (17-0879) is a non-toxic biodegradable jewelry cleaner that comes in a pack of 12 jars. A packet of concentrated solution comes with every jar. 

The jewelry bath is safe for gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. It is also suitable for most gems and delicate stones like opal and turquoise. The only exceptions are Amber and Ethiopian Opals.  

To use: Empty contents of concentrate packet into the jar and add 6 ounces of water. Place jewelry in basket and immerse in jewelry cleaner bath. Let soak for up to one minute. Use the included cleaning brush if necessary. Remove jewelry and rinse with water, then dry with a soft cloth. Repeat if needed. Test first on jewelry that has dyed pearls or stones, as some of these treatments are not permanent.    

Jewelry bath jars can be branded with your logo in the color of your choice. 


Cleaner Pens

Klean Karat Cleaner Pens

Klean Karats® Cleaner Pens (17-0877) are great as an add-on sale with jewelry purchases or to include as a gift to inspire loyalty to your business. These cleaner pens have biodegradable liquid in them and are available in packs of 10.  

Klean Karats® Cleaner Pens can be used on costume and antique jewelry pieces, and are safe and effective on all metals and gems including soft, porous stones like opal. The only exceptions are Amber and Ethiopian Opals.  

To use: Click the pen until the liquid appears on the brush tip. Brush the cleaner onto your jewelry, then rinse well. Rinse the brush frequently to prevent clogging. Repeat steps if necessary. 

Customize labels in your brand color with your logo to make a lasting impression on your customers.  


Cleaning Foams

Klean Karat Jewelry Cleaner

Klean Karats® Foaming Jewelry Cleaner (17-0874) comes in a pack of 10, and is safe for diamonds and all metals and gems including delicate stones such as opal, turquoise, and lapis. The liquid is biodegradable which is safe for the environment. 

To use: Apply cleaning foam to your jewelry and allow it to soak for 10-30 seconds. Work into hard-to-reach places with the soft brush that’s included. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.   

Foaming jewelry cleaners can be personalized with your company’s label. 


Ultrasonic Cleaners

Best Built 2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Best Built 2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner (23-5710)  is a powerful machine designed for the unique needs of the jewelry trade, and it’s one of the tools we use at Stuller. The ultrasonic wavelengths are short enough to clean the finer aspects of jewelry, yet feature enough power to remove caked-on dirt, as well as rouge and other compounds found in a jewelry shop. This unit completely cleans behind stones and settings.  

The industrial strength transducer is the heart of the Best Built Ultrasonic cleaner. This unit has heating and timer settings. The larger units feature a variable temperature controller. The switches and rheostats (that control the flow of electric current) are the finest quality which makes for very reliable machines. 

Elma Select 2.85 Quart Utrasonic Cleaner

The Elma® Select 2.85 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner (23-5555) is a powerful and versatile device equipped with a frequency of 37 kHz. It has the capacity to save up to four cleaning programs.  

The Elma® Select 2.85 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner has five ultrasonic modes: 

  • Degas - quick degassing 
  • Eco - quiet, energy efficient operation and longer service life 
  • Sweep - uniform ultrasonic cleaning 
  • Pulse - for stubborn contaminations 
  • Dynamic - automatic change between pulse and sweep modes for even better cleaning results 

Jewelry Cleaning Services

Jewelry Cleaning Services

No matter what type of jewelry cleaners you prefer to use in your shop, we know the end goal — a stunning shine that serves to enhance your artisanship. Stuller has many more cleaning tools and supplies available such as steam cleaners, baskets and racks, sink traps, different varieties of tweezers, and replacement parts. 

Consider offering free jewelry cleaning services every six months to your customers.  

When they drop off jewelry to be cleaned, offer to clean it right away in the back of your store while they browse your showroom. This gives them the opportunity to shop while they wait for the cleaning to be finished. 

As a thank-you for their business, you might want to offer free cleaning gifts like branded cloths, foams, and pens to your customers. They’d make great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday selling season!  

Stuller can fully customize our polishing cloths with your logo to keep your busines top of mind for your customers by providing branded resources they will use often. To view pricing and order quantity minimums visit  

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