In this era of customization, there are many ways to make a piece mean something unique to a shopper. Adding a special finish is just one of those ways. Below is a helpful chart illustrating the different kinds of finishes and the tools we use here at Stuller to give them that personal touch.



E.C. Muller® Straight
Line Graver

Traditional Cris-cross graver pattern


Fine Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Flap Wheel
Straight line soft scratch finish


Mizzy Heatless Wheels
Coarse scratch finish

Bead Blast Matte

170-400 Mesh 5lb Glass Beads
Medium matte frost finish

Large Ring Mandrel without Groove; Ball Peen Hammer 4oz
Deep shiny impressions made with ball-peen hammer

See demos of Florentine and Ice finishes below: