Lab-Grown Diamond Findings  

Lab-grown diamond shanks and components will add showstopping shine and luxury to your jewelry designs.  

We’re excited to introduce Stuller's new lab-grown diamond findings and components. We have the lab-grown findings you need to bring your designs to life and create custom jewelry your customers will appreciate.  

Stuller's lab-grown diamond jewelry is your solution for timeless pieces at enticing price points with the luxury of diamond jewelry — set entirely with lab-grown diamonds.  

Read on to learn why you should offer your customers lab-grown diamond options and discover our most popular classic and on-trend findings and components.  

The Rising Relevance of Lab-Grown Diamonds 

According to a comprehensive 2022 study by The MVEye, a market research and strategic consulting firm, the popularity of lab-grown diamond jewelry has increased exponentially in the last 10 years.

Key findings revealed by the study include: 

  • Awareness of lab-grown diamonds among jewelry consumers is at 80 percent today across gender, age, and household. 
  • Ten years ago, less than 10 percent of consumers were aware of lab-grown diamonds.  
  • Today, approximately 72 percent of jewelry retailers sell lab-grown diamonds. 
  • Retailers shared that they have a feeling of “joy” being able to sell truly beautiful diamond jewelry at affordable prices. 
  • Preferences for lab-grown diamonds increase when consumers are shown the price differential to mined diamonds. 

*Global Voices 2022 International Lab-Grown Diamond Consumer and Trade Market Research Report. The complete study is available on THE MVEye website. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Shanks  

The three most popular lab-grown diamond shanks in Stuller's lab-grown diamond jewelry selection are the larger carat weight versions of our most classic styles.  


SH706 French-Set Peg Shank or Band

French-Set Peg Shank or Band


SH684 Round Side-Stone Peg Shank

Round Side-Stone Peg Shank


SH711 Pear Side-Stone Peg Shank

Pear Side-Stone Peg Shank

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Modern Brilliance Findings

Lab-Grown Diamond Components 

Our lab-grown diamond components assortment includes links, dangles, necklace centers, earring tops, clasps, and necklace shorteners. These are our three best-selling lab-grown components in our lab-grown diamond jewelry selection. 


28549 Round Bezel-Set Link

Round Bezel-Set Link


2000617 Round Bezel-Set Link

Round Bezel-Set Link


28548 Round Bezel-Set Dangle

Round Bezel-Set Dangle

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As pioneers in the lab-grown diamond jewelry space, our strict adherence to high compliance standards ensures that you can fully trust Stuller as an industry expert.  

Explore our fresh findings in Stuller's lab-grown diamond jewelry collection and feel confident in your creations every step of the way. Show off your fine jewelry creations with Stuller findings on social media: @stullerinc #HowIStuller   

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