How are the winners of last year’s Fix My Bench contest doing one year after receiving their desktop laser welder?

Last year, in honor of Stuller releasing a new tools catalog, Tools, Equipment, and Metals 2021-2022, we hosted a social media contest called Fix My Bench. For this contest, a lucky winner was selected and awarded a special and versatile tool to help complete their jewelry workbenches. It has now been one year since Emerald City Jewelers entered into and won the Fix My Bench contest. Their prize? A Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop Laser.

This booming jewelry business, founded in 1990 and based out of Quincy, IL, was once run out of a basement. Now, after relocating and growing, Emerald City Jewelers is doing just what they set out to do — exceeding their customer’s expectations. Thanks to their new laser welder, completing jobs of any difficulty are much easier to achieve. The possibilities are now endless, from simple pit filling to more daunting jobs like tipping pieces that have very heat-sensitive stones.

We reached out to Sarah Davis, who entered Emerald City Jewelers into the contest to see how well the staff was implementing their new laser welder into their shop — one year later.

How was your first experience using the laser welder?

Sarah: It was  like a dream where I had become a superhero who had the amazing ability to shoot laser beams from my eyes. We also enjoy the compact size of the desktop model as well as being able to complete more jobs in less time — increasing our profit margins.

What difficulties have you been able to address now that you have the laser welder?

Sarah: Before receiving the laser welder, we had multiple bench jewelers waiting their turn to use our one model. Having multiple laser welders available has greatly reduced downtime and increased the amount of attention each of our jewelers can put into every piece. It ensures each piece receives the attention it deserves without being delayed or interrupted.

The laser welder also helped to reduce wait times as we could do more work in less time. It’s the perfect addition to the shop to help satisfy the market’s ever-increasing need for jewelry turnaround speed.

How has the laser welder helped your team achieve its objectives?

Sarah: Jewelry that was previously unrepairable with a torch can now be restored to its former glory with a lower-risk procedure that has more precision.

How do you find the laser welding process?

Sarah: It’s fairly simple to understand. Line up what you want to weld, adjust your parameters, and hit the petal.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about purchasing a laser welder?

Sarah: If you aren’t moving forward in this industry, you fall behind. A laser welder is imperative in order to keep up with today’s pricing and pace. I highly recommend it, and I also recommend you keep Starweld in mind for your purchase.


We hope that you continue to enjoy your laser welder, Emerald City Jewelers!

If you are someone that wants to add a laser welder to your workbench, Stuller has a vast array of laser welders to choose from. Be sure to browse our selection and pick out the perfect laser welder for your business.