Elevate Your Business With Chain and Components Made With Recycled Materials

Discover trusted products from Stuller that align with your business goals.

Discover trusted products from Stuller that align with your business goals.

Social responsibility within the jewelry industry is integral to being proper stewards of our planet’s valuable resources as well as the communities that rely on them. At Stuller, we are committed to conducting all aspects of our operations in the most responsible manner possible — including within our product offering.

Chain and permanent jewelry are currently in the top trends in the industry. Keeping these concepts in mind will help bring a competitive edge to your business. Let’s look at select products made with recycled materials that will help you diversify and expand your product assortment.

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Custom Chain Length

Stuller offers a selection of custom length chain styles that are made with recycled materials. These chains accommodate both classic and modern preferences so that you can appeal to a variety of audiences. With our custom length chain, you can order as much as you would like — as little as one inch!

Whether ordering chain for a permanent chain popup or crafting a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet, this chain made with recycled materials meets the needs of jewelers looking for products that meet the needs of a modern clientele.

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Chain Components

Pair custom length chain with components to finish your piece. Stuller offers an assortment of die-struck chain components — including clasps, chain tags, and jump rings — made with recycled materials. The result is a finding with more durability, boosting the integrity of the piece.

Components like these are frequently in stock and ready to ship with rapid delivery so you can count on Stuller to provide you what you need when you need it.

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Our Commitment

At Stuller, we are committed to improving both our operations and our product assortment with respect to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair-trade practices. Our chain and components made with recycled materials are only the most recent additions to a growing list of options that appeal to today’s jewelers and their customers. Trust Stuller to continue the work in pushing the industry forward with a selection of products that choose Earth First.

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