Educational Insights

Good references are hard to come by, but with the internet providing information on demand why do we still cling to the clutter? There’s a reason those coffee-stained pages, dog-eared catalogs, and hand-written post-its are still around. They inspired. They educated. They provoked thought. They stuck. Sure, a Google search would have eventually led to the same results (or at least some variation), but that information wasn’t passed along through five or six generations of family jewelers. Jewelry is artisanship and knowledge and know-how is your legacy. Pass it on.

We wanted to share the wealth with you. So, we asked our Tools Tech Team to provide their best kept secrets, their go-to references, and their must-have tips and tricks. And here they are ready for you to download, print, and stick next to your store’s first dollar or the first shop picture your grandfather took decades ago.

Feel free to share your favorite pieces of knowledge in the comments below. We know there are many novice jewelers who would appreciate the hand.


From Chris Romero, Director of Technical Support “This article is always a big help to customers that have to explain this phenomenon to a consumer.”

From Sharon Duhon, Technical Specialist “Here’s a rhodium plating guide that I’ve shared more times than I can out. It’s very helpful.”

From Paula Romero, Technical Specialist “There’s nothing better than a good FAQ list.”

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