Determining Strand Length

Ever wonder how many beads you need for a knotted bracelet or necklaces vs unknotted?

Stringing allows you to help your customers design their own perfect finished pearl necklaces.

This personalization is a great way to make more sales without increasing inventory.

Bead Knotting Chart

How Many Beads for Knotted?

Counts were calculated by stringing with #5 silk cord. Numbers may vary depending on knot tightness. For other strand lengths, multiply the 1" number by the intended length of the finished strand. Remember that finishing knots and the clasp will add approximately 1" to the total length.

Bead Knotting Chart

How Many Beads for Unknotted?

Use this guide to know how many beads you’ll need to complete a uniform unknotted bead strand.

Expert Note:

Knots add 1" to 3" or more to your finished strand, depending on its length and the size of the beads.

Bead Unknotting Chart

Number of Beads Per Inch (BPI)

Number of Beads Per Inch Chart

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