It's no secret that the demands and expectations of today's educated jewelry customer far exceed those of the past. Ensure that you never say "no" to a customer request by integrating Countersketch Studio, Matrix, and the Revo 540CX mill within your store. Whether your customer is looking for a unique family jewelry item or creating the engagement ring of their dreams, utilizing these tools will allow you to offer the ultimate jewelry-buying experience. Your customers will quickly take notice and word-of-mouth will spread of your store's new, tech-savvy approach to jewelry design.

Replace much of your costly physical inventory with CounterSketch Studio’s highly adaptive and adjustable digital inventory. Then transform the initial retail experience into a more pleasant and enjoyable one by inviting your customer to browse CounterSketch’s library of over 2,600 models. Allowing them to make initial selections on their own reduces the anxiety and pressure commonly felt during this stage of the jewelry buying experience. Next, use high-quality jewelry prototypes from Stuller to pinpoint your customer’s jewelry taste, then customize a selected CounterSketch Studio model in real time alongside your client. Help your customer visualize how the design will look using the virtual Try-On feature. Then order the final design from Stuller with just the click of a button.

For customers desiring unique and individual designs not found within CounterSketch Studio, you can build a model to their exact specifications from scratch using Matrix. If the client is still nervous about committing to the design at this stage, help clear away lingering doubt by printing a photorealistic image of the piece in all its finished glory. Once the customer feels confident in the design, mill the model in jeweler’s wax using the Revo 540CX. If they decide to make a few changes after seeing the wax model, you have the ability to quickly revisit and alter the design in Matrix and can simply mill the item again. This approach is significantly more efficient and cost-effective versus carving a new wax by hand, or even worse, finishing the design in metal and not meeting the customer’s expectations.

Taking on the challenges of the modern jewelry customer is easily accomplished utilizing Gemvision’s innovative solutions, thus elevating your customer’s confidence in you. Hand-in-hand, these award-winning technologies will dramatically reduce cost and help to free up time for other areas of your business.