Have you noticed that everyone seems to be talking about “custom” these days? Alterable, one-of-a-kind design options are now offered for a variety of products. The jewelry industry is no exception when it comes to this customer trend. Custom work, however can add a significant amount of time to the production process. Although no jeweler ever wants to turn away a custom job and the dollar signs attached, lack of proper staff and time constraints can make saying “no” unavoidable. This is where utilizing CAD in your store can make the difference between money in the bank and money walking out the door.

The average jeweler would benefit significantly from incorporating CAD into their workflow and taking advantage of the latest developments in jewelry design technology. Dedicated to the success of the independent jeweler and staffed by both jewelers and programmers, Gemvision has created tools and functionality within Matrix 7.5 for increased efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use. The addition of more History-enabled tools allows jewelers to instantly visualize adjustments and alterations made to a design, rapidly speeding up the creation process. A designer can now simply reuse and alter an old model to create multiple versions quickly, no longer needing to redesign a model or collection from scratch, saving a significant amount of time, energy and money. This highly-efficient workflow allows users to capitalize on the capabilities of a model and to flex it to meet the needs of multiple clients.

The Gumball feature gives jewelers complete control at their fingertips to reposition, scale and rotate objects with a click of the mouse, while the Box Edit command gives precise control over the fine detail within a design. For designers opting to tweak and finesse a design’s minute details to high levels of perfection, these features will be a welcome addition to the workflow. Being able to see revisions update instantaneously is a huge timesaver and asset - especially when working in front of that demanding client.

Soon to be a favorite tool of many a user, and thanks to many programming hours, the groundbreaking Shell command runs complex mathematical formulas behind the scenes so that the creation of hollow parts and alterations to the overall thickness of surfaces appears virtually effortless. Now jewelers can quickly adjust the metal volume and overall cost of a model to create jewelry for any price point and client preference with ease.

Other upgrades and enhancements worth noting within Matrix 7.5 include:
·         New shade modes for quick and powerful presentations.
·         New and improved History tools including Sweep 2 with Add Slash.

·         Ability to select and transform faces and edges
·         Solid Point On turns on control points to allow quick manipulation of a model
·         More than 2000 useful feature enhancements.

For more information on Matrix 7.5 and all other Gemvision products call 800-357-6272 or visit www.gemvision.com.