Photography Tools

Here are a few our favorites

In addition to your smartphone and social media apps, there are several photography tools that can be used to capture professional-quality images of your jewelry and gemstones. Here are a few our favorites – starting with the basic and inexpensive and moving toward the more sophicated.

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Oh yes, the old reliable loupe! I’m sure everyone in this room has a few of these lying around, right?! This is one of our new arrivals -- the Hexagon Triplet 10X Loupe

Hexagon Triplet 10X Loupe


  • Hex shape for easy and secure handling
  • Precision 22mm achromatic lens
  • Lens made with high-grade anti-reflective optical coating film that helps eliminate glare

The Selfie-Loupe Technique

All you need is your phone, a diamond loupe, and tweezers


Clean the phone camera lens.


Place the phone on a table with the screen facing up.


Activate the selfie camera.


Place the diamond loupe on top of the phone lens (making sure the loupe lens is clean as well).


Hold the diamond with the tweezers above the loupe.


Make sure the lighting fixture on the ceiling is not visible in the frame. If unavoidable, ask someone to hold up a white background 40 centimeters above the diamond.


Fix the on-screen exposure to reach optimal look, as needed.


Select video mode, preferably, although still images will result in an authentic image as well (the tweezers will look distorted due to the diamond loupe effect).


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DiaScope Clip on Mobile Lens

All you have to do here is simply attached the device onto your phone, turn on your camera and start shooting. You can adjust your lighting as needed.

DiaScope Clip on Mobile Lens


  • Built-in HD macro lens
  • LED light ring with low/high settings
  • Spring clip attaches to any smartphone


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One of the most popular new devices on the market is the GemCam.

This device is perfect for those who buy and sell diamonds and gemstones. In addition, many customers keep the device on their showcases to help customers better visualize the stone.



  • 360º videos and photos
  • Works with any smartphone or iPad mini
  • 10x standard magnification (loupe standard)
  • Zoom Up to 40x (microscope quality)
  • Built in LED white uplights and overhead lights
  • Fully automated or manual video rotation system

Instead of eyeing a stone on the customer’s finger, or asking them to use a loupe, they can simply view the stone on a microscopic level using GemCam.

App Interface

The GemCam system comes with a free smartphone app. This app is very intuitive and simple to use. Once you choose to take an image or video, simply snap or record as you normally would. As soon as the image or video is taken, the app will prompt you with easy to use editing tools, such as cropping.

Once you done editing, the app will allow you to easily syndicate the image via email, text, and social media apps.

The GemCam also has some unique features such as:

  1. Diamond identification for Rapnet
  2. Web-based library allows you to send a link to potential customers to show them your entire gallery


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To learn more read the complete guide to operating your new GemCam.

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope & Photo Box

Now I’m assuming most of you in here do repair work, correct? If so, we highly recommend using these two devices to document intakes and results. This will ensure that your work is validated and give you something to show off online.

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope & Photo Box


  • 10x ~ 50x, 200x magnification power (330x w/ digital zoom)
  • 8 LED illumination
  • DinoCapture Software
  • Two 8” LED light bars
  • Up to 14” vertical internal working distance
  • Place Dino-Lite outside box to view from open slot or use slot card to view subject from a higher distance

We’ve seen a lot of people get additional repair work by simply taking before and after photos of their work like the ones below.


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These imaging tools used will transform the way you sell and promote your gemstones. So what are you waiting for? For more answers about various imaging tools, call our Tools Tech Team at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300.