There has been much more discussion about Rofin laser welders and Orion arc welders and their place in the jeweler's shop. These innovative machines enable you to do many things, such as:

Rofin Laser


Work around heat-sensitive areas

Stones, patinas, and enameling do not need to be removed before working on the piece.


Use similar metal as a filler wire

Solder is a softer metal, and using the same wire as the filler wire eliminates polishing and seam lines. Welding the metal together makes a stronger fix than solder.


Weld new metal types

Metals like steel and titanium can be welded easily. This allows repairs to be done on costume jewelry, gun parts, car parts, and much more.


Tack parts together

Parts can be welded together so they don’t move during torch soldering.


Repair defects found after the final polish

Problems like porosity show up only at the end of making a piece of jewelry. These pieces typically have to be re-done, but with a welder, they can be welded to fill pits and voids.


Work safely

You can do repairs without dangerous propane or oxygen tanks, which aren’t allowed by some fire marshals.

"When I got a hold of the Orion Pulse Arc Welder I didn’t know what to expect. I read the manual, set it up, and could not believe how fast and easy it was. My soldering time was cut by 75%! Less material, less time. It is worth every penny. I recommend it to anyone in the business."

— Delon M. - Retail Store Services, Hollywood, FL


Despite these similarities, the Rofin laser welder has a list of benefits that justify its higher price point. The benefits of choosing a laser welder are:



Lasers shoot much faster than arc welders and are easier to handle at these speeds.


Ease of learning

Independent jewelers state the learning curve of laser welders is much faster.


Lower power options

The laser beam can be used at a much lower power and beam size. Very thin items or filigree can be welded.


More welding location options

If you can see it, you can weld it. Arc welders are limited to where the probe can touch and by having a lead wire touch the piece to complete the electrical circuit.


Repeatability of weld power

Arc welders have different powers depending upon the sharpness of the probe and how hard the probe is touching the piece.


Control of weld size

A laser beam can be altered to be small and deep (sizing) or it can be made wide and shallow (smoothing). Arc welds are like a circle that can be made only bigger or smaller.

"The true value of the machine comes through when you fix pieces or weld a piece that could not be done though soldering methods. We have fixed thousands of broken prongs!! It truly saves time and money!"

— TseTse


The Orion 200i² is packed with features that simplify the welding needs of any jeweler, goldsmith, or silversmith. One key way to save time at the bench while increasing quality and driving profits for your shop is to know how to perform precision track-, fusion-, and pulse-arc welding, and this system lets you do just that.


Rofin lasers have high flexibility combined with high laser safety due to their mechanical rocker hand rest and laser-proof safety curtain. These safety features provide perfect comfort and user-friendliness, especially when welding long and bulky pieces.

Which One is Right For You?

Flip through this equipment guide to help you decide.

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