Choosing Earth First With Support for Your Social Responsibility Efforts

Stuller Recycled Metals

With the approach of Earth Day, our thoughts turn to the idea that we have a responsibility to be proper stewards of our planet’s precious resources. Not only does this make sense from an environmental protection standpoint, but it also makes good business sense.

According to Platinum Guild International, 40% of young consumers (ages 18-39) are initiating conversations with their jewelers about sustainability and their products. Most also indicated a willingness to spend 15%–20% more for pieces that consider environmental responsibility, human rights, and fair labor practices.

At Stuller, we work hard to make sure jewelers across the world have access to products that make sense for their business and meet consumers’ needs. This is evident in our certification through the Responsible Jewellery Council — a third-party audit service that examines every aspect of our operations, including supply chain, production, business ethics, and employee health and safety. For those looking for a selection of products that align with the values of today’s jewelry purchaser, we have solutions ready to serve you backed by a commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade. 

Let’s take a dive into this assortment and discover new and established ways of choosing Earth first.

Recycled Metals and Materials

SCS-Certified 100% Recycled Precious Metals

Stuller has long been a manufacturer and supplier of recycled metal products. In fact, we have held certifications for 100% recycled fabricated precious metals for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium since 2012 from SCS Global Services. This third-party auditing service determine conformance to the SCS Recycled Content Standard.

For the artisan at the bench, you have thousands of options between grain, sheet, tubing, sizing stock, solder, and more that are all made with SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metal content. Any product that is made to order can be fulfilled and shipped out in a matter of days.

Not only do we have fabricated metal options, but you can also choose from a massive assortment of findings, engagement ring mountings, and machined wedding bands that also hold this recycled metal distinction.

Stuller’s findings have more than 50 years of development, and our assortment is one of the largest in the industry. Our broad capabilities allow you access to 2,700 styles of settings, shanks, earring backs, dangles, bails, jump rings, and trims that have been cast, die struck, formed, machined, laser cut, and custom manufactured in house.

Both our die-struck engagement ring mountings and machined wedding bands, made with SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metals, are lasting, durable, and made with consistency. Not to mention, they offer variations that keep your selection fresh to meet your customers’ needs. 

What is Die Striking?

Die striking is a manufacturing method that tightens the molecular structure of the product, reducing porosity. This results in a dense, durable piece that is more likely to resist corrosion and hold its polish for a long period of time.

Stuller Recycled Findings


Items Made With Recycled Content

Along with our products certified by SCS Global Services, we have recently broadened our options with chain and chain components made with recycled metal content. What’s special about these chain styles is that they can be ordered in custom lengths, meaning you can order as much as you want — as little as one inch — with swift fulfillment. The die-struck clasps, chain tags, and jump rings pair well with these chains for a well-rounded offering that meets your needs.

Get Credit for Your Gold Clean Scrap

Receive 100% payout in Stuller account credit for your gold clean scrap from April 1, 2024 through April 30, 2024.*

*Packages of gold clean scrap must be postmarked between April 1, 2024, and April 30, 2024, to qualify for promotional terms.


Sourced Product With Responsibility in Mind

Diamonds With Known Origin

An important topic within the industry right now is diamonds with a known origin. CanadaMark® diamonds help solve any uncertainty when it comes to origin with both large diamonds and melee that comply with the Kimberley Process and are traced from mine to polish through documented, audited processes — a difficult and rare achievement. These natural and unenhanced diamonds are from the Ekati mine in Canada near the Arctic Circle, where great consideration is given to environmental and social impacts of any mining operations.

Gemstones With Known Origin

Stuller works with local mining communities throughout North America to provide a growing selection of gemstones with a verified origin.

Click here to learn more about provenance and stones with known origin.

Responsibly Mined Platinum Grain

Made with responsibly mined platinum from Anglo American 

Platinum supplied by Anglo American to Stuller has been sourced in compliance with Anglo American’s Responsible Sourcing Standard and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) Responsible Platinum/Palladium Guidance. 

Packaging With Principled Sourcing

Your pieces can now have a finishing touch with gift wrap, tissue paper, pouches, and boxes from suppliers who strive to produce products in the most ethical way possible.

Stuller Packaging with Principled Sourcing


Another Day of Choosing Earth First

One thing you can always count on with Stuller is that you will have a variety of options that meet the needs of your business. With products that align with your customers’ values, you can join us in our commitment to a jewelry industry that keeps environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fairtrade top of mind.

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