5 Easy steps to a stylish customized upgrade.

image Step 1

Insert the “V” end of the Spring Bar Tool (47-8900) in between the buckle and the watch strap, with the “V” end of the tool resting on the spring bar.  Pushing in a downward motion will allow the spring bar to dislodge from the buckle.

image Step 2

After disassembling and removing the buckle, insert the tongue of the buckle into the new strap.

image Step 3

Insert the spring bar through the strap ensuring that it has passed successfully through the tongue.

image Step 4

Align the new buckle to the strap and insert the spring bar on one side of the buckle.

image Step 5

Gently push down on the spring bar in the same motion that was used to remove the old buckle and the spring bar should slide into place.