Small Shop Casting

From Spin to Investment

Even if you think your shop isn’t ready for a basic centrifugal caster, this look at the compact Neycraft Spincaster could change your mind. Designed for someone who will be casting two to four times per week, this unit takes small shop centrifugal casting far beyond the hobbyist level.

Neycraft® Spincaster

With a flask size is 2x2 to 4x4, the Neycraft Spin Caster has a higher metal velocity rate, is less expensive, and uses lower flask temperature: All key considerations for the introduction of casting to your shop.

  • # Cast/Per Day: Est. 10 to 50+
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner
  • Flask Size (max): D=3.0" x H=3.0"
  • Crucible Capacity (max): 255g Gold
  • Recommended Shop Size: Small
Side Note: We recommend practice casting with this unit since some users experience lack of control of pour. This can cause uneven solidification rate, allowing oxides into the molten metal.

Master-Cast 120V

For those shops doing a greater amount of casting, the next level up from centrifugal is vacuum casting. Also a deep well caster, the Master-Cast 120V Pro Caster will accommodate different sizes of both solid wall and perforated casting flasks.

Vacuum casting produces high production rates, control of molten metal and its oxides, metal supply uniformity, larger pieces and more of them.

  • # Cast/Per Day:15 to 20+
  • Recommended Skill Level:Beginner/Intermediate
  • Flask Size (max): D=5.0" x H=7.0"
  • Recommended Shop Size: Small/Medium
Side Note: Using a vacuum caster requires proper spruing and higher flask temperatures to produce good pieces.

Investment Tips

Now that you’ve chosen your caster here is some information on investment casting. Some of the most popular powders used in this process include: Kerr® Satin Cast, Ultra-Vest, and stone-in-place or solitaire investment.


Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of investment are the same for 38/100, 39/100 and 40/100.


Working Time

Working time is 9 minutes, set time is 12-14 minutes, green crushing strength @ 2 hours is 450 minutes and set expansion @ 2 hours is 0.55.

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