At Gemvision, we’re committed to making our software profitable and easy to use. Training provides a crucial component to maximizing your investment. While we offer in-house training, we understand that getting away from the shop can be a challenge. You have an alternative. Through a remote training subscription, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your store.

Matrix Online Academy

The Matrix Online Academy features more than 600 training videos and written demos. Using these exclusive resources, you set your schedule to meet the demands on your time.

As an example, take the video below. It walks you through the modeling process from start to finish.

Design videos are just one type of content on the Matrix Online Academy; other videos focus on specific tools, concepts or tips, and tricks. Topics include Advanced Render Techniques, Subdivision Modeling and Antique Designs, and many more.

Online Training for CounterSketch

Online training for CounterSketch features interactive exercises and instructional videos that lead you and your staff from Setup to Freehand Mode. Each module builds on the last. In addition to covering all of the tools and features of CounterSketch, the training also includes sections on business practices, marketing, and sales techniques.

Interactive exercises take you step-by-step through sales scenarios so you can put your newfound skills to the test. They equip you to use CounterSketch to minimize costly inventory while enhancing the custom jewelry buying experience. You’ll be able to help your client visualize their dream engagement ring while engaging them in the design process.

Through this online training, you’ll master concepts like: quickly searching an extensive virtual library for the right model, modifying the item in real time while consulting with your client, easily providing a price estimate, then securing the sale! After you close the sale, order your custom design directly from Stuller for a one-step manufacturing solution.

Take note. The video below covers how to apply tools learned through Gemvision online training to work within a customer’s budget.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“After taking the CounterSketch training and incorporating what I learned into my business, I took my closing rate from 30-40% up to 95%. I sell with 100% confidence that Stuller has my back to make this a simple procedure. I can also say that if you don’t have CounterSketch, you’re making a huge mistake. As I have always said, there’s enough pie for everyone to have a piece.”

Ted Blais, Ted’s Creative Jewelers – Southampton, MA

Gemvision online training is a great way to expand your skills, keep up with the latest tools and train your staff. Both the Matrix Online Academy and Online Training for CounterSketch are available as 1-year subscriptions. Read more about our online training options here.