It’s frustrating to complete any bead stringing process only to find your strand is poorly strung. Say that five times fast, and then follow these Stuller tip for stringing pearls, demonstrated on cultured pearls, the next time you string a strand necklace.

Step 1: Cut the knot on one end of the pearl hank using sharp cutting tool.


Step 2: Remove the string, placing the pearls in the same order in the grooves of a bead-string board(38-1001).


Step 3: Select the proper size of beading cord (38-4002), which doesn't bind while accommodating the pre-drilled holes in the pearls.

Step 4: Unwrap entire bead cord from the pre-packaged card and tie a knot at the end of the cord without the threading needle.

Step 5: String three pearls and your pearl clasp onto the cord and push them to the knot.

Step 6: Thread needle and cord back through the first pearl, next to the pearl clasp, and tie a knot snugly against the pearl.

Step 7: Thread needle and cord through the next pearl and tie a knot snugly against the pearl.

Step 8: Thread needle and cord through last pearl. DO NOT TIE A KNOT.

Step 9: String all remaining pearls onto the cord.

Step 10: Using AA stainless steel tweezers, tie secure knots between pearls. Loosely tie an overhand knot next to the pearl you did not tie a

knot to in step 8 (the third pearl from the pearl clasp).

Step 11: Once you make a loose overhand knot, secure the tips of your tweezers through the loop next to the pearl and pull tuat with your other hand.

Step 12: Continue this procedure until you reach the last three pearls.

Step 13: Thread the needle through the unsecured end of your pearl clasp and then back through the pearl next to the clasp. Secure this with an overhand knot, repeat

with the next two pearls.

Step 14: Lastly, thread the cord through the next pearl; pull taut; and cut. Repeat this procedure to cut excess string on the opposite end where you began stringing

with the first three pearls.

Now that's what we call a beautiful strand!


[Adapted From the Bench, October 2005]