Offering watch battery replacement services in your store is an easy way to drive foot traffic and generate healthy profits. And it's a perfect way to introduce watch repair into your business.

But before we dive into what it takes to introduce and implement a new watch repair service, let’s take a look at the numbers to prove why battery replacement is a worthwhile offering. An average battery change in the US costs roughly $10, and the average battery costs about $1.25. This yields an $8.75 profit or roughly 88% lift in revenue! Consider this if you're still on the fence: if you change just 5 batteries a day you could potentially bring in an additional $43.75/day, $220/week, $11,000/year. And who couldn't use an extra $11k? This can be your reality with a few simple additions to your bench and 10 minutes to your day. An added bonus - changing watch batteries gives your shoppers extra time to browse your store and make additional purchases.

Battery Replacement Essentials

Renata or Energizer
Battery Kit

Beco Watchmaker's
Orientation Table

Watchmaker Tool Kit

Screwdriver Set with Stand

Remember to couple your service offerings with high quality products and outstanding customer service. Adding watch battery changing and other repair services to your everyday business will pay off financially and ensure that your customers continue to come back time after time for their jewelry needs. Shoppers (even busy ones) appreciate extra care and attention, so use these quick service tips regularly and you'll be on your way to building profit with batteries in no time.

Service tips for lasting relationships:

• Confirm the watch battery is dead. No one wants to pay for something they don't have too. And customers will appreciate your honesty. Use the Renata Watch and Battery Analyzer to determine if the watch battery needs replacement.

• Clean and polish the watch. Doing so will surely raise your store's customer service bar. Taking the time to clean and polish also gives the customer time to browse your store's offerings. And take our word for it - they'll notice the extra care and attention.

• Set the correct time. This simple, yet meaningful gesture shows the customer how much attention to detail matters in your business.

Whether you're ready to go all in on full-service watch repair or simply looking to incorporate a quick option for more profits, watch battery replacement is a great place to start. With roughly $800/year, you could be increasing your traffic and revenue over-night.

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