Angela Busby’s recent article
brought a few pointers to light and recommended tools for getting the most out of working with platinum. Though not for everyone, platinum proves to be a profitable metal to work with and can provide a competitive advantage in the jewelry marketplace. Heed these 5 basic truths about platinum and its benefits–


Platinum is Pure

Alloys are 90-95% pure platinum, whereas 18k gold is 75% gold. Platinum’s purity also makes it an ideal hypoallergenic choice, especially for those seeking a naturally clean white metal.


Platinum is Rare

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. In fact, it takes ten tons of ore and five months to produce just one ounce of platinum!


Platinum is Strong

It’s actually one of the world’s strongest and most enduring metals. It is one of the heaviest, too, weighing 60% more than gold and also more malleable.


Platinum is Durable

Platinum holds your customer’s precious stones in place and needs less maintenance in comparison to other metals. Prongs are durable and resist wear over time.


Platinum is Distinctive

Platinum’s sheen is different from silver or white gold. It has a distinctive white tone all its own. Plus, there’s no need to rhodium plate this precious metal.

Such an outstanding metal yields beautiful results.

So we consulted our CAD department for two unique platinum pieces and our discoveries did not disappoint!


This design was created for Rhett Hackett, a friend of Stacey Melancon, one of our Stuller associates. Years back, his grandfather won a unique ring much like this one with a winning hand in poker. The original ring, destined to become a family heirloom, will pass down to the next generation. But Rhett sought to create his own replica. After sending his inspiration, our CAD/CAM department created this solid platinum duplicate.

The ring features seven half-carat and four 12-point diamonds on its head, making for quite a spectacle as it lights up any room. Rhett chose platinum because of its distinct shine, heaviness, and durability. In fact, the prototype wax model initially featured a hollow design. However, the ring turned out best as a solid cast piece. As you can see, this ring is substantial and pronounced. This platinum beauty elegantly copies its original and stands the test of time.

Another atypical design, Tony Aalund and The Jewelers Bench team in Kingwood, Texas created this unique wreath band using platinum. Interestingly enough, their customer lived in New York, making long-distance communication challenging. The stones from this piece originated from the client’s mother and grandmother. He repurposed these diamonds into this stunning band for his wife’s engagement.


The inspiration for the ring’s design came from an old, tattered black and white photo. From there, The Jewelers Bench team laid out a few different wax configurations for the band’s intricate stone placement. They wanted to ensure the best fit for the lucky wearer. Though quoted in both platinum and white gold metals, platinum was chosen for the setting. It’s safe to assume this was for platinum’s strength and security in holding the ring’s 35 diamonds in place!

What are the a few unique platinum pieces you've created in your store? Share with us your successes (and mishaps) of working with platinum.