There is no one best way of finishing, so experimentation is key to finding which process works best for you and your business. Below are some suggestions for three mass finishing processes — burnishing, cutting, and polishing — and some items we recommend using.

Processes outlined below are intended for up to 100 rings at a time.


Polychem® MF610 Burnishing Compound

(54-4453) Polychem-1-Gallon-MF610-Burnishing-Compound

Nova 251 HT Vibratory Tumbler



Stainless Steel Shot,
10 lbs.



Fill the bowl halfway with steel shot.

Mix the MF610 with water at a ratio of three ounces per gallon of water (3:1). Cut back the ratio if your work times are longer than two hours.

Fill the tumbler with enough liquid to keep the shot flowing smoothly.

Run for one to two hours, then check.


Raytech TV-10 Vibratory Tumbler

(47-5032) Polychem-1-Gallon-MF610-Burnishing-Compound

Magic Cast® Liquid Shot Conditioner, 1 gal.



Plastic Media Cone



Mix the deburring compound with water, approximately two ounces to each gallon of water (2:1).

Fill with enough liquid to keep the shot moist, approximately one to two inches deep.

Run for 30 minutes. Check the surface with a 10x loupe every 10 minutes until the desired smoothness is achieved.


Treated Corn Cob,
10 lbs.

(47-5215) Treated-Corn-Cob-10LB-Dry-Polish-Media

Dry Vibratory Tumbler,
3 qt.



Aluminum-Based Polish, 1 qt.



Fill the bowl halfway with media.

Mix in a capful of aluminum if the media needs to be recharged.

Media will need more paste if it gets dry (to test, run your hand through the media. If it’s doesn’t stick to your hand, it’s dry).

Run for a minimum of six hours.

Note the results. They will be different for each metal.

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