A Tour of the Bench Jeweler Workshop Demo Floor

Get a taste of what it’s like to attend the premier event for bench jewelers.

A Tour of the Bench Jeweler Workshop Demo Floor

Springtime at Stuller always feels a little special. Everyone in the building moves with a little extra pep in their step as we welcome more than 150 bench jewelers from around the world to our global headquarters for Bench Jeweler Workshop. This is a weekend where artisans and jewelry enthusiasts come together to take a look at the latest tools and technology in the industry, network with other professionals and share tips, ask questions and meet with seasoned jewelers, and enjoy a little southern hospitality in the heart of Cajun country.

If you haven’t been, Bench Jeweler Workshop is the perfect opportunity to take a step away from your day-to-day work, gain fresh ideas, and be inspired for the next great thing you want to bring to your business. Whether you are a jewelry student just starting out or a pro with decades of experience under your belt, Bench Jeweler Workshop has something for everyone.

With the help of Stuller’s social media team, let me give you a little taste of what you missed at this year’s Bench Jeweler Workshop. Check out this tour of our demo floor and browse any items that catch your eye.

Battle of the Benches® Competition Area

As you are welcomed to our Lafayette, Louisiana, campus, make your way to the main attraction — the set of Battle of the Benches. This is a live series of mini challenges where jewelers compete in stone setting, CAD, and craftsmanship. Our contestants compete for glory as we determine the true masters of the bench. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Stone Setting: Robert Lalus | Green Lake Jewelry Works (Seattle, Washington)

CAD: Slade Gorman | Custom Jewelers Inc. (Phenix City, Alabama)

Parts & Pieces: Alan Harper | Clarksville Jewelers (Clarksville, Tennessee)

Want to watch this year’s competition? Click here to view the live stream recordings to watch these pros at work.

Gemvision and 3D Printing

Gemvision and 3D Printing

Next, stop by our custom jewelry design software where you can see how to bring your design capabilities to new heights. CounterSketch® is an innovative 3D design software that makes it easy to work side-by-side with your customer in building jewelry that’s one of a kind. MatrixGold® is a powerful CAD program that places complete creative control in your hands. Pair these programs with the game changing 3D printing technology from B9Creations or Asiga as well as the custom manufacturing abilities of Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services for a comprehensive customization experience.

Click here to learn more about how you can expand your customization offering with the Stuller Custom Suite.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment

As you make a lap around the demo floor, check out the equipment used in jewelry cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners are crucial in your crafting process and a great way to add additional value for your customers. Be sure you’re recommending your customers come in at least once a year for an inspection and cleaning of their jewelry.

Sunstone Micro Welders

In a world where permanent jewelry is absolutely booming, you must stop by this table to check out our options for pulse-arc welders. This technology is an attainable investment that is perfect for adding permanent jewelry to your offering as well as performing simple repairs.



Getting a professional photo of your jewelry can be a challenge. Plus, who has the time? At least that’s what you thought before checking out GemLightbox. Not only can you get studio quality images and videos of your finished pieces, but you can use AI technology to place them on models and in attractive settings that will help your website photos and social media content stand out.

Demo Benches

You don’t just come to Bench Jeweler Workshop to look at the new toys you want to bring to your shop. You can also stop by a selection of benches where we invite master stone setters, engravers, and teachers to demonstrate their techniques up close. You never know what you might learn!

Laser Welders and Engravers

Don’t go far because a few steps away you have the chance to test out the latest in laser technology from a variety of brands. Laser welders are proven to improve your productivity and precision, which will ultimately boost profit. Laser engravers use high-powered laser beams to etch intricate designs on various metals and materials — perfect for personalization.

Stuller’s Findings and Metals

Walk around a little more and you’ll be greeted by the friendly faces of Stuller’s findings and metals teams. Stuller findings have undergone more than 50 years of development. You’ll always be able to find what you need with a massive inventory of in-stock products that are ready to ship with rapid delivery. We also offer a vast array of SCS-certified 100% recycled fabricated precious metals. You can place your order with low minimum requirements and trust it’ll be out the door within a couple of business days.

Don’t forget to play with Piece by Piece®, a magnetic and interactive settings and shanks builder. This is a perfect solution for engaging your customers as they mix and match different options to create their one-of-a-kind ring.

This area also allows you to try out the custom-fit, adjustable shanks by CLIQ®. You’ll see how they open and close around the base of the shank making an easy and comfortable fit. There are options for classic and trending designs, so they really do appeal to a wide range of customers.

Student Competition

We love hosting the next generation of bench jewelers. While they prepare to one day compete in Battle of the Benches, we give them the opportunity to compete head-to-head in their own challenges of stone setting and ring sizing. This year was extra exciting as one student challenged his own father who also happened to be in attendance. Congratulations to everyone who competed and especially to our winners!

Stone Setting: Kasey Dryer | Paris Junior College

Ring Sizing: Danielle Johnson | Paris Junior College

Diamonds and Gemstones

Stuller’s Diamonds and Gemstones

The next stop includes all things that shimmer and sparkle. Stuller has more than one million diamonds and gemstones that are in stock and ready to finish any piece you may be working on. We offer natural and lab-grown options in every shape, size, color, and quality you could ever need. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our Special Order Service will help.

New Tools Selection

New Tools Selection

No trip to Bench Jeweler Workshop is complete without checking out our newest tools, such as bench organizers by NASHEF™ Designs, beading tool sets, Durston metal forming products, and so much more. One thing you can count on is that we are constantly bringing you the latest tools and equipment on the market, each tested and approved by our team.

Gemological Equipment

Finally, let’s wrap up our tour of the demo floor by viewing options for testers and screeners. Being able to confidently differentiate between natural and lab-grown diamonds as well as between diamonds, Moissanite, and Cubic Zirconium is crucial in today’s jewelry space. Reduce your risk and instill confidence and trust in each sale by having at least one tester and two screeners of differing technologies to drastically reduce any risk of misidentification.

See It For Yourself!

The various stops around the demo floor are only a part of the Bench Jeweler Workshop experience. You can also tour our nearly 600,000-square-foot facility, attend classes and demonstrations led by Stuller experts, get hands-on experience with new pieces of equipment, and even try crawfish for the first time.

This was only a taste. Now it’s time to see it for yourself! We are counting down the days until next year for what will be another wonderful gathering of the industry’s best and brightest. Hope to see you there!