Explore Stuller’s selection of engravers and engraving technology that sets your custom business apart.

Stuller Engravers and Technology

More than ever, customers are seeking personalized and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, making customization technology a vital addition to any shop or jewelry business. Offering in-store services can set your business apart, and with engraving equipment designed to meet the needs and skill levels of every jeweler, it’s easier than ever to create lasting impressions with every sale.

Whether you're just starting with customization or looking to streamline production, choosing the right engraving technology can take your business to new heights. In this guide, we'll break down why engravers are a reliable investment for jewelry businesses looking to boost their customization services, considering factors such as space, budget, and results — with options from Stuller’s complete assortment that gives you exactly what you need. Let’s get started.


Why Buy Engraving Equipment?

From manual to laser technology, engravers give you and your customers the chance to explore personalization that fits their vision. While simple letters or numbers might add a sentimental touch to pieces like wedding bands or fine jewelry items, laser engraving can create a very detailed image for gifts that stand out. The bottom line is that investing in any form of engraving equipment isn't just practical — it's smart business.

Engraving manually includes stamping or pressing designs, patterns, or text onto various materials or pieces by hand or through a manual machine. For more intricate designs or images, laser engraving technology can add precise detailing for a unique touch.


Stuller’s Engraver Assortment

Discover precision, reliability, and versatility with our selection of engraving equipment tailored to give you the tools you need to excel in jewelry customization. From small, compact options to larger workshop models, let’s explore the various types of engraving equipment types for a range of requests.


Laser Engraving Equipment

With advanced technology, laser engravers offer unparalleled accuracy and speed for etching nearly any design onto various materials and product types. Perfect for a broad range of engraving services like detailed work or manufacturing-level production, laser engraving equipment meets the needs of your business and your customers. While they do require a higher upfront investment, their efficiency makes them indispensable tools for a top-notch, in-house solution for customization.


LaserPecker LP4 Deluxe Dual-Laser Engraver

The LaserPecker LP4 Deluxe Dual-Laser Engraver is your compact and versatile solution for laser engraving services in your workshop — personalize over 300 materials, including gold and silver, wirelessly from your phone or computer via Bluetooth. The LP4’s user-friendly design makes it perfect for smaller workshops, offering seamless engraving on flat, curved, and cylindrical items like rings and bangles, making it an easy investment to upgrade your workshop with precision and flexibility.


Rotary Engravers

For engraving equipment that can handle a wide range of tasks, rotary or diamond drag engravers provide the ability to personalize flat, curved, and cylindrical surfaces that accommodate a range of font options. Not quite as advanced as laser engravers, rotary engraving machines still guarantee high-quality results with just a little more hands-on involvement than manual or stamping equipment. With an opportunity for expanded capabilities at a more affordable price, rotary engravers are a great investment for any workshop.


Manual Engravers

Looking for a more unique, accessible, and budget-friendly entry into engraving? Manual engravers use metal templates and diamond styluses that can add personalization to pieces like nameplates, stampings, or other flat surfaces — even the inner surfaces of rings. With manual engraving, you can add your personal touch to every piece you offer to your customers, offering handmade appeal. 

Despite their older technology and limited features, they are easy to integrate into your shop with straightforward, compact design and low cost. While manual engraving does involve a more hands-on approach and practice, you can still rely on these models to take smaller steps into engraving services.


Engraver Resources and Training

Flexible Payment Options with StullerPay™

Elevate your workshop with StullerPay — the convenience of buying now and paying later through flexible monthly installments. Whether you're eyeing casting machines, welders, or other workshop essentials, StullerPay offers payment plans tailored to fit your needs.

StullerPay operates like a flexible line of credit, empowering you to enhance production and profitability while gradually investing in crucial equipment without the upfront cost. Simply select your desired item, and on the right, you'll find the StullerPay display for eligible products. Pre-approved customers can explore their payment options instantly, while others can fill out a form to learn more about this solution.


Engraving Resources with Tools Tech Team

Whether you're in the market for new engraving equipment, need expert advice, or want to enhance your engraving skills through virtual training, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated Tools Tech Team strives to be your go-to resource for simplifying your shop’s engraving process, helping you achieve your goals every step of the way. Get in touch with our team today and explore the full potential of your engraving and customization journey by calling 1-800-877-7777, ext. 4300.


First-Rate Support from B&D Sales and Service

Get unmatched support for your new or existing laser engraving equipment with B&D Sales and Service, a Stuller Company. Our expert technicians provide ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and tailored solutions for every aspect of your laser equipment. With our support and regular maintenance, trust B&D to keep your equipment running flawlessly, giving you the confidence to take your customization services to the next level.


Your Trusted Supplier

As the jewelry landscape continues to see a growing demand for customization and precision, you can be confident that Stuller's comprehensive range of engraving equipment gives you access to cutting-edge technology tailored to fit any workspace and budget with reliable results. From manual tools to advanced laser systems, Stuller offers solutions to production processes that expand your creative possibilities.

We hope today’s guide gives you a confident step in the right direction when choosing an engraver that works for your business! For any additional questions on Stuller’s assortment of engraving equipment, you can talk to a member of our Tools Tech Team by calling 800-877-7777, ext. 4300.