B9Creations Core 5 Series XL-405

Unlock the future of jewelry customization with Stuller's definitive guide to 3D printing solutions.

Investing in powerful, high-quality equipment for your shop can be daunting when it comes to knowing which solution will best fit your business, especially in today’s fast-paced retail environment that boasts high demand. At Stuller, we know the stakes, and we're here to simplify the process for any jeweler looking to elevate their services and offerings without sacrificing quality — today, we dive into 3D printing for the ultimate ticket to staying ahead in jewelry customization and production.

When it comes to choosing the right 3D printing solution, it’s important to assess what your business needs before making your next purchase. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide — your quick resource to Stuller’s offering of high-precision 3D printing solutions. Whether you're stepping into 3D printing for the first time or upgrading your equipment, let's explore the factors that matter: size, function, and price.

Combining Quality with Quantity

Picture this: faster turnaround times, increased efficiency, and a seamless expansion of your customization services. The right 3D printing equipment can be your key to efficiency and success in jewelry’s evolving, competitive landscape in 2024. But where should you start?

Consider the following crucial factors when researching the investment of a 3D printer for your shop or business:


The right 3D printing equipment should not only save you time and money on labor and production costs but also ensure that your designs swiftly transition from digital to tangible, castable models, reducing turnaround times and keeping your business ahead of customer requests.


Increasing your speed allows you to serve customers faster and surpass their expectations, keeping your business top of mind for future purchases. For printing, delivering precision at a pace that doesn’t affect other parts of your production process is key. Ask yourself how same-day castable models can benefit your business or client relationships.


The ability to expand your customization services is synonymous with business growth. 3D printing should diversify your offerings, accommodating a broader range of designs and meeting the evolving needs of your customers. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment.


Consistent and reliable support should last long after you’ve made your purchase — a world-class technical support team that is ready to assist with troubleshooting, optimization, and keeping operations in check. In short, it should be your safety net for a worry-free, long-term partnership with equipment and experts that you can trust.

B9Creations™ 3D Printing Solutions

For printers that increase your speed to market and transform the possibilities of your customization business, look no further than B9Creations™ Core Series of 3D Printers, a leading model on the market offering more than just casting capabilities. With advanced speed, Core Series models can print customer-ready prototypes in up to 20 minutes or grow detailed castable parts in under three hours. The patent-pending FAST™ technology helps you keep jobs organized and running efficiently without compromising daily progress.

Now, let's look at the top three B9 models.

For Designers or Smaller Shops

B9Creations Core Series 530

B9Creations Core Series 530: With the smallest print dimension of the series, the Core 530 provides finer resolution while still excelling at bringing intricate designs to life with remarkable precision and surface finish. Think of this model as a more compact version of its next-level partner, Core Series 550.

Highest Detail (30µm), smallest build platform (57.6 x 32.4 x 127mm)

For No-Fuss Production

B9Creations Core Series 550

B9Creations Core Series 550: Opt for the B9 Core 550 when your business demands exceptional repeatability, precision, and surface finish coupled with industry-leading speed and production capacity. With low operating costs, scalable architecture, and user-friendly operation, this B9 model is perfect for high-volume businesses.

Great detail (50µm), medium build platform (96 x 54 x 127mm)

For Maximum Build Area

B9Creations Core 5 Series XL-405

B9Creations Core 5 Series XL-405: With the largest print dimensions, the Core 5 Series XL-405 model offers a build volume nearly five times that of the Core 530, providing desirable print speeds without sacrificing precision and detail for a larger area.

Great detail (30-50µm range), Large build platform (124.8 x 70.2 x 127mm)

Asiga® 3D Printers

For the dynamic landscape of busy jewelers, Asiga® 3D printers stand out with a suite of smart features. From quick calibration to touchscreen displays and Wi-Fi connectivity to loss prevention for your designs, these printers are tailored for seamless integration into your workflow. The integrated heating system ensures optimal printing conditions, while advanced file export technology with CAD/CAM compatibility sets Asiga apart in 3D printing. As “open source” machines, Asiga printers offer unparalleled flexibility, you can use any resin of your choice — as long as you have a corresponding build style— giving any jeweler the freedom to choose a resin that best fits the project at hand.

Let’s compare our two Asiga models:

For Moderate Production

Asiga MAX X35

Asiga MAX X35: This reliable desktop model packs a punch, catering to jewelers and casting houses. Its compact design doesn't compromise on power, utilizing cutting-edge technology and speed to produce extreme resolution at higher quantities. Leveraging Asiga's SPS Technology, the MAX X 35 delivers a performance of up to 18-20 rings within one hour, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficiency without sacrificing detail.

For High-Demand

Asiga Pro 4K

Asiga Pro 4K: Revered as the ultimate printer for high-volume production, the Asiga Pro 4K boasts the capacity to handle more than 170 rings at max print. It is designed for the rigorous demands of high-volume business environments. Incorporating DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, the Pro 4K further enhances its capabilities, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding production scenarios.

Must-Haves and Accessories


In 3D printing, the right accessories can make all the difference, and OpenGrow® SureCast™ resin stands out as a true game-changer. Developed exclusively for Stuller by ResinWorks 3D, SureCast is a wax-based photopolymer that not only enhances printing efficiency but also delivers unmatched casting quality. For jewelers venturing into intricate designs, SureCast goes above and beyond, growing with minimal lines, eliminating the need for extended IPA exposure, bypassing cure time, and requiring no barrier coat in casting. Compatible with both B9 and Asiga 3D printing models, SureCast offers a seamless, efficient, and quality-focused 3D printing experience.

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Leading Customization Software

Our commitment to a seamless customization experience extends beyond equipment and resin. Leading customization software like MatrixGold® seamlessly generates files for any printer, providing unparalleled flexibility. On the other hand, CounterSketch® is tailored exclusively for B9 printers. With CounterSketch and B9 models, you can send a quick prototype resin to the printer and have it grown within 20-30 minutes, serving as a powerful sales tool to close deals with customers on the fence. Both software solutions enhance your 3D printing experience enabling real-time collaboration, client engagement, and the opportunity to try on a sample of their dream design during the very first visit.

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Mastering Your Skill

Embarking on your 3D printing journey requires not just cutting-edge technology but also the knowledge and skills to harness your full creative potential — Stuller’s master training for 3D printing solutions is designed with every jeweler in mind, designed to keep you confident in every step of your journey. We believe that knowledge empowers success, and our commitment is to empower you. Learn more about how you can set up an appointment today at Stuller.com/DigitalTechTraining.

Next-Level Customization Solutions

From choosing the right 3D printing solution to expanding your skillset and diving into comprehensive training, Stuller is your partner in every step of your journey as a jeweler — your success is our success. We hope that this buying guide helps to confidently steer you in the right direction for your next investment.

For further assistance with research or purchasing our 3D printing solutions and equipment, our Tools Tech Team is always ready to provide additional support and guidance. If you have any technical questions regarding which solution is best for you, you can reach our Tools Tech team at 1-800-877-7777, extension 4300.