Essie Griffin, the founder of A Family Print Shop, had a predicament. She and several staff members create remarkably detailed silhouettes stamped on sterling or 14K coins of various sizes. Customers can choose the silhouette of a child, spouse, family member, a pet, a baby’s hand and footprints, and even a heartbeat. When the COVID stay-at-home orders went into effect, Essie had 80 unfilled orders, and her supplier had shut down. With no idea when or if they would reopen, she needed those orders filled. Her ecommerce business, including eight additional staff, depended on it.

female stamping

Moving Forward She knew of Stuller and had heard we offered jewelers services, so she connected with Meagan Faul, our metals product manager. After explaining what she wanted, Meagan told her we could certainly help, and our new laser technology produced high-quality results.

The set-up fee is $39, and the service has no minimum order other than a 10dwt minimum for silver. This makes it ideal for A Family Print Shop's one-of-a-kind silhouettes. The service lets her choose from 13 metal qualities in 10-30 gauge.

Blaine Alleman operates the new technology. “Essie sent us several files, and we went back and forth a few times to achieve exactly what she wanted,” he says “We input the file which includes the final shape of the piece. The technology reads the data, automatically adjusts the laser specifications, precision engraves/etches the silhouette into the metal, capturing every detail, and cuts the requested shape. It’s impressive.”

Essie loved the results, and her business decided to keep their business with Stuller. “This was an easy choice. We can rely on Stuller for consistent quality and turnaround time. It helps our business run more smoothly.”



Ariel Gordon, a Los Angeles jewelry designer with a thriving ecommerce business as well as stockists, uses custom stamping to create a series of petite charms for her Be Charming Hoops and Lucky Charm Candle. This technology lets her control the charm size — one-third inch — to meet the right price point while she’s creating charms that capture a playful yet chic look her customers love.

Custom Laser Stamping For years, Stuller has offered die-struck, cast, and laser-cut stampings. But these weren’t available as custom designs unless you bought a large minimum quantity. Our new, easily programmable technology makes custom designs possible and affordable. Although we call it "Custom Stamping," that name doesn't do justice to the technology’s abilities, and we're working on a better description. The machine can create just about any outer shape you need, do the laser etching that's required by A Family Print Shop, and create cut outs as pictured below. Stay tuned while we consider our name options and select one that best tells this technology's story.


Custom Stamping and Your Business You can use this service to develop a jewelry line exclusive to your store or create a custom stamping for a family or individual. In some businesses, they already have stampings in their inventory, which is a way to take it up a notch. As mentioned above, except for the ten dwt for sterling, we have no minimums. On the other hand, it’s fast and easy to get larger quantities for the one set-up fee. The machine stores your information so you can order more of a design without another set-up fee.

We invite you to give it a try and discover the outstanding results and sales. Who can say no to that?

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