Piece by Piece System


Imagine this scenario: a customer walks in your store in search of an engagement ring. After 30 minutes of oohing and ahhing over your cases, they let you know your jewelry is beautiful — but also not quite what they’re looking for.

What’s a jeweler to do?

Show that customer Piece by Piece™, Stuller’s interactive, magnet-based ring builder that lets customers create unique looks.

Custom design need doesn’t have to be intimidating with this selling system, which delivers a hands-on customization experience that’s as easy as it is fun.

What is Piece by Piece™?

Piece by Piece is a hands-on settings and shanks builder. Using magnets for quickly piecing together prototype jewelry, this system offers hundreds of ways to mix and match our best-selling settings and shanks to build a prototype of your customers’ dream ring.

From classic to on-trend styles, customers can explore any desired look and get a preview what their real finished piece will look like.

Settings and Shanks

4 Reasons to Choose Piece by Piece

This selling system lets you and your customers do a variety of things:


With more than 800 design combinations in a range of styles, stone sizes, stone shapes, and metal qualities, Piece by Piece puts you and your customer in the driver seat of jewelry design. They can then try on their jewelry and see exactly how the finished piece would look on them. The possibilities are just waiting to be paired!


If your customer wants to see the size difference between a one-carat round stone and a two-carat stone, Piece by Piece lets them. Or maybe they want to keep their pear-shaped halo-style setting but change the shank. Switching and comparing different components is quick and easy.


Each component of Piece by Piece is made of a tarnish-resistant, durable alloy. And since each setting is set with cubic zirconia, you don’t have to worry about carrying live, expensive inventory. When you’re ready to order, you can then help your customer find that perfect diamond or gemstone center.


Piece by Piece encourages creative exploration, and perhaps that interactivity is what makes it so fun. Your customers will always remember the story of how they built and customized their jewelry, excitedly telling their friends about the cool mix-and-match magnetic display they played with at your store. You will always be at the beginning of their customization journey.

Settings and Shanks2

How Do I Order With Piece by Piece?

When you and your customer are ready to order, use the included map to reference suggested retail pricing and item series numbers, or look at the engraved item number on the piece. Furthermore, every shank in the program has a complementary matching band available, which makes upselling a charm.

You can receive your pieces in two ways:

• Add each individual component to your shopping cart on Stuller.com so you can assemble the finished jewelry at your bench.
• Begin your order with the shank number and select Add a Head. Choose your options, and Stuller will take care of assembly, sizing, and stone setting. You’ll receive the ready-for-a-finger piece with our renowned next-day delivery.

We have grand plans in store for expanding Piece by Piece’s offerings, so be sure to keep an eye out for new additions. What does the future hold? We’re keeping that under wraps for now, but you can rest assured it’s something exciting — and exactly what your customers want.

Learn more about Piece by Piece and shop the selling system on Stuller.com.

As always, if you need help with tools or questions about metals or soldering, contact Stuller’s Tools Tech Team. Give them a call at 1-800-877-7777 ext. 4300
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