It all started with a catalog and a laser. No big deal right? WRONG! This year's Fix My Bench contest offered up one of the most coveted prizes to date - an Coherent®-Rofin StarWeld Desktop Laser valued at $17,000 USD. Entry into the contest was simple. Share a picture of our bench and tell us why yours deserves a makeover. Entries did have to include a list of desired items from our new tools catalog - Tools, Catalogs, and Metals 2021-2022.

Response was amazing (thank you!). We had more than 170 entries and it was hard to select just 3 winners. Second and third place winners received Stuller account credits.


We’d like to congratulate the staff at Emerald City Jewelers for their win in our 2021 Fix My Bench contest! The entire staff was thrilled to receive a brand-new Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop Laser XE-Power with Camera - 100 Joule. Emerald City Jewelers, located in Quincy, Illinois, acquired their newest tool amidst a relocation. However, before they were made aware of their big win, the day didn’t start out so nice.

Emeralds Bench

“The day that we found out we were the recipients of the Stuller #FixMyBench 2021 was just an average day, or for some, had a rather lousy start. When one of our bench jewelers, Tyler, made his way to the store that day, he was unpleasantly surprised by a flat tire. Anyone who tries to get to work for the day can agree that a hang-up along the way is just plain annoying.”

The day took a turn for Tyler, when the second surprise of his day was to find out his store would be gaining a new laser welder!

“The news completely shocked Tyler, and he was simply speechless. All he could think was ‘awesome.’ We certainly think his day turned around for the better!"

new laser arrival

Sarah Davis was the one who entered her brother, Tyler, into the Fix My Bench contest. Tyler is a second-generation jeweler — their mother started her career in the jewelry business about 30 years ago in her basement.

new laser arrival

According to Sarah, Tyler helped his mom polish rings when he was younger as a chore, but he genuinely enjoyed spending time around jewelry. Now, Tyler’s son is just as eager as Tyler — in fact, some believe they have a third-generation jeweler on their hands!

Congratulations again to Emerald City Jewelers, and a special congrats to our other two winners, Curt Parker Jewelers and Kelsey Jayne Jewelry!

new laser arrival

new laser arrival

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