How To Size Down A Platinum Ring

Sizing a platinum ring doesn't have to be difficult. The proper way to size a platinum ring is through welding. The following procedure will leave no seam and is totally invisible. Follow these quick steps to success.

Repair Tip:

Remember to remove all stones before beginning this process.


Determine how much metal needs to be removed.

Using a divider, mark the area.

Then cut the shank twice to remove this piece. It is recommended not to cut all the way through on the second cut. Instead, use pliers to break it off. This prevents the piece from flying off. (Size is represented by 2.55mm or 1/10th of an inch.)


Bend the two shank ends together.

Using a pair of inside shank pliers.

Using a three square needle file, create a chamfer (groove) along the seam. This will help create a strong weld, as the metal will fill the groove when melted.


Using a hammer, flatten the cut piece from the ring.

Then insert it into the seam

This will be the filler needed to weld the seam. Because this piece is from the same ring, there will be no color or alloy difference.


Melt the piece from the top.

Using a sharp, hot, oxidizing flame.

Use an oxidizing flame of a propane/oxygen, hydrogen/oxygen or natural gas/oxygen mix and melt the over hanging metal all around the seam, filling the gap as it melts. This should take less than ten seconds. If it takes longer, the ring will get too hot because of prolong exposure to heating.


Continue to weld.

Weld the ring all the way around.

Continue this until the seam is complete.


Remove excess metal.

Then insert it into the seam.

Using the half round file, remove excess metal from the seam inside of the ring. The ring is now ready to be rounded.


Round the ring using a mallet.

After, it should be the proper size.

If the fit of the ring is a 1/4 size too small, adjust by hammering. This helps to harden the shank and make polishing easier.


Burnish the seam.

Gently shave the top and the sides of the ring.

Burnish the seam, gently sand the top, and then polish to a final gloss.


Remove all file marks.

Using an abrasive wheel, and then sand paper.

Use an abrasive wheel, and then sand paper to remove all file marks from the inside and outside of the ring. This will erase any evidence of sizing.


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